Monday, May 12, 2014

Lunch @ Jibby & Co , Empire Subang

Wuhoo Was super eager to update my dead blog but was stuck up with loads of work. Busy working life almost makes me lifeless. Food hunting remains one of my "hope" looking forward for another weekend. Recently we have been visiting lots of cafes and restaurants during weekend spending quality time with boyfie and with FOODD.  Lots of food!! FOOD keeps me going on hahaha 

This is one of those restaurant I went worth trying and blogging. One of the reasons being having very natural lights for us to take photos. Like that one in Cafe Bene. I found that natural sunlight tends to help enhance the photos more than indoor lighting. What do you think?

Had a 3 person dating in one of the weekends with mama and boyfie!! We hunt down this awesome place to hang out with nice ambiance. I forgot to take photos for the ambiance but basically we are dining inside a greenhouse, not warm one but instead its quite comfy and modern one.:D

High Tech Food Lift spotted! Saving labour cost so genius they stuff the dishes inside the foodlift and we could get our dishes faster! 

We ordered Mocha Green Tea Latte. Thick mocha fragrance but I still prefer Tour Les Jour's.

Awesome Soft Shell Crab Burger with Spicy Sauce!

I had never tried such meaty and huge softshell crab before until this!! Most of the soft shell crab I tried mostly in Japanese Restaurant have dry tiny soft shell crab feet, but THIS is full of real crab meat!!

Cannot stop spamming photos >< I like their home made spicy sauce too :D



With abundance of beef, mushroom and tomato and cheese , this is super heavenly!

Their tomato sauce and basil sauce is soo appetizing! Must try too!

Big Daddy!!

With abundance of minced meet ,bacon, and onion sauce with homemade thin pastry. Abit too sweet for me coz of the onion sauce. Overall its good :)

My shy mama and I :D

And my bf being my part time driver :) XOXO

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