Monday, August 5, 2013

Cross-Legged @ Kota Damansara

Again we were invited to this food review session at this Cross- Legged cafe in Kota Damansara. It is a cozy 1st floor simple cafe perfectly suitable for customers to enjoy the view while having lunch :) Indeed they provide a relaxing atmosphere where people could really cross their leg hanging around at the couches and chairs they provide. :)

Their selections of menu will be on the walls :)

Cozy <3

Amazed by by this @@ cool!
We were introduced to the two founder partners of the restaurants who are also best friends :) After the whole round of the food tasting session, I would say that the dishes they offer would be more to home cook dishes. The food provides a very mild taste where I think it suits customers who dislike a heavy taste in food as the chef here emphasize on a healthier living :) The types and combination of the dishes came from the chef's daily inspiration and also the customer's feedback. 

Most of us ordered "Hazy" which is the honey lemon :)

Latte which I did not get to taste :)

Broccoli prawn soup. This is really pure healthy brocolli puree with bits of fresh shrimps :)

Healthy steam egg with vege cubes such as carrots and capsicums, sided with some toasted bread crust.

Super healthy for me as they did not really insert much flavouring in this. The taste purely came from the vege cubes inside the steamed egg :)

Nom Nom beef pocket!! (Not in the menu yet)

Marinated beef stuffed with healthy vege cubes, which broke the norm where the other restaurants normally filled these with cheese. A healthy way of presenting. The marinated taste not bad to me but it was slightly overcook that day. 

Creamed chicken potato. Being a fan of potatoes this is yum yum for me ^^ Overwhelming potato gravy suits well with the chicken but it has the same effect with carbonara where I get jelak after it turns cold at the end. However overall satisfying, :)

The most recommended dish would be their chicken rice. Their perfectly smoked chicken matches so well with their fried rice which were pan fried using the essence of smoked chicken. I love how the taste of the smokey chicken rice filled my mouth which also matches well with the sambal they provided ! Must try!

Smoked chicken sandwich! Again using the same smoked chicken they created this healthy sandwich! I like the light combination of herbs topped bread crust :)

Lemongrass Fettucini!

I like the way they infused the heavy flavouring of lemon grass where the flat wide fettuccine is able to infuse the flavors within :)

Cream chicken pasta using macaroni. Again this is light pasta without any other complication of flavour except some carrot cubes.

Vegetable Pancake. This was very flavourful as it contains pre-grilled vege cubes to infuse the vege flavour in the pancakes :)

The vegetable quiche and salmon quiche. I find vegetable quiche is more flavourful with the grilled vege cubes infused, while the salmon quiche has a lighter taste with bits of salmon :)

French Toast! From how it looks it already seems super yummy to me. haha Fluffy toast with maple syrup is never a wrong combination :)

Topped with sliced sausages, you could actually taste some sourish appetizing lemon-ish taste as they secretly dripped some lemon drops infused in this french toast haha :)

Vegetable creamy pasta. Again they love using vegetable cubes in their cooking. This one was not bad as I like the light creamy taste of this pasta where I feel more comfortable eating as it tastes lesser calories haha

Ginger potato salad. I hate ginger but surprisingly they did not really use ginger in this dish instead they use the ginger ale. It provides a fizzy taste which I think this was quite special.

Don't be cheated by its looks. The red bright colourful chicken cubes are not spicy at all haha

Choc Stack. Not that chocolaty. 

Steamed Pumpkin Cake served with pumpkin puree, which is the chef's own home recipe.

Corn Cheese Mufin. Light dessert for girls :)

Orange Almond Cake.

Earl Grey Orange Mint Jelly. The orange was freezed beforehand and it has a tangy taste which I think is was quite special. With the earl grey jelly stripes I found this quite refreshing and having this after meal is indeed refreshing :)

Their latest invention! The tofu pate toast!!

We were guessing what was this but then surprised by the fact that they actually smashed the chicken liver into puree and have it matched with pan fried tofu haha Quite an interesting for you to try out! haha

Chili hot chocolate. It is not actually hot but warm and I felt awkward drinking as I prefer a clearer distinction of hot and cold drinks, as I always think that warm drinks are actually hot drinks which are left at room temperature for some time. :x 

Banana Nutella. The taste of the banana was overwhelming as usual and therefore we could not actually taste much nutella in this. 

The cheery chef and us!!

ootf of the day!! :D

Location, 1st Floor, 67-1, Jalan PJU 5/21, 
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Weekdays : 12-2pm, 6-9pm.Weekends: 11am-9pm

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