Monday, July 1, 2013

How to make the Healthiest Lowest Calories Pancake in the World !! Flourless and Sugarless Best Pancake Recipe !

More and more people love having pancakes as breakfast to start off their day. Mostly topped with sweet maple syrup and butter ~ or even fresh fruits such as sliced bananas or strawberries or even blueberries!! However do you guys actually know that how many calories a piece of pancake have? :D

Calories of  2 Pancakes with Butter and Syrup

It costs us 520 CALORIES!!
(Source : Link here )

I know this is still consider low compared to waffles or cakes but what if I tell you that we can still enjoy our pancake but now only with a super low calories which is as low as 250 calories per serving? :D And I ammm way sooo generous to share this recipe with you guys! :D

The recipe of this flourless, gluten free, low calorie, sugarless (No sugar), and super easy pancakes will be presented below!! Tadaaa~~~~ (Thank me guys hoho)

ONLY 2 ingredients needed :

ONE : 1 Ripe Banana

TWO : 2 Whole Eggs

Excited to know how this works with only 2 basic ingredients ?? :D

Step One:

Smash the banana with the eggs till the texture you want!
If you like a texture with banana bits stop smashing it when you feel comfortable with the size of bits. But if you love soft smooth pancake like me smash the bananas till creamy!!

Step Two:

Pour the batter into the pan and FRY!! :D (I use non stick pan so that with a minimal of oil it will never stick!!)


Don't you think that this is ridiculously easy? The easiest pancake I have ever made! Although it does not require any sugar for this recipe it is still very sweet and appetizing as the banana gave a nice natural sweetness to the pancake!! :D

NOM NOM~~~~ Have A Try At Home with all this simple natural ingredients!

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