Sunday, July 7, 2013

Big Chomp Burger @ SS15, Subang Jaya

I had the chance being invited by Food Director to attend the food tasting session with Annger!!! :DD Recently there are soo many burger joints mushrooming especially in SS15 such as Crayon Burger, Burgertory , Big Hug Burger and Kaw Kaw Burger. Recently this Big Chomp Burger has also being one of the burger joints joining the trend, attracting burger lovers like me who dislike vegetables and tomatoes!! To be honest I hate the taste and the juice of tomatoes layered inside the burgers, therefore I tends to love burgers with lots of sauce covering the taste of the tomatoes! Now however I have actually found a food chain Big Chomp Burger that emphasizes more on coleslaw and fried omelette and WITHOUT lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers!!!! successkid.jpg !!! :DD

The bright cheerful environment :D

Their full menu on the chalk blackboard!

Promotion of the month June 12-30th Free drinks and fries!! :D

Chomp B+ (RM16 nett). I love their combination of the Cream Cheese, Beef Bacon , Hashbrown and Beef Patty! For hashbrown lower like me I love how the mashy hashbrown matches well with the yummy thick juicy flavourful beef patty and luxurious bacon! Their beef patty is really really flavourful and thick and super juicy I can assured you!! The whole burger is wonderful with the fluffy charcoal homemade bun! This would be a big burger for big eaters like me oopsssss I chose to try this first when I see how luxury the ingredients are!! :D

Chomp C+ (RM17nett ) Another big burger with Cheese Cream, Ham, Hashbrown and Deep Fried Chicken. Also with mushy texture, the combination is not bad with the deep fried whole thigh chicken. However the batter was a little thick and made us actually thought that it was chicken breast. Feedbacks were given to the owners therefore they would have improved already now. Therefore I still love their beef patty more :) However their white bread isn't as fluffy as the charcoal bread :(

Hawaii Style (RM15nett) A combination with Grilled Pineapple, Parmesan Eggy and Deep Fried Chicken. I personally dont like pineapple therefore I did not try this. This looks quite special as they add in the fried omelette! :) 

Flaming "O"(RM14nett) ! I did not get the chance to try this but I tried the Spicy Bella with the same spicy sauce! I seriously love spicy food therefore I am in love with their spicy sauce which is seriously VERY spicy! However, some said that the spiciness is overwhelmed and had covered the taste of the other ingredients. However, I personally like their sauce :P

Flossy Chick (RM13nett) is one of the best sellers with Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Flossy Omelette and Grilled Chicken. I didn't get to try this but some said that this is quite interesting as it has actually chicken floss in it!!

The Beast (RM14nett) A combination of Mustard beef patty, pickles, cheese, caramelized onions. The taste of the mustard is really minimum and as a mustard lover I would like a heavier taste of mustard :P However it is edible for anti mustard customers :P

Spice It Up (RM17nett) A combination of thick cut juicy Beef patty, cheese, fried egg with Parmesan cheese, salami & pepperoni. I get to try this also I just love how so many types of ingredients squash up together as a whole ^^How tempting :D 

Juicy Lucy (RM14nett) A combination of stuffed cheesy beef patty, pickles, caramelized onions! I didn't get to try this I might try this next time I wonder how cheesy is the beef patty!!

For vegans we have also 2 types of burgers for them!!

Spicy Bella (RM14nett) Grilled Portobello mushroom, cheese, grilled pineapple! I get to try this I think the mushroom layer is a little bit thin but I still love how the spiciness gets into my mouth :P

Fatty Shroom (RM15nett) Deep-fried Portobello mushroom, Parmesan egg, deep-fried button mushrooms. Thick batter @@

Fries with homemade sauce!!!

My OOTD :)

That's all for my review I am waiting for their new interesting burger menu coming out this month! We are told about the new special ingredients of the new burger and we are soooooooooo shocked!! Seriously I will go back and try for it and I am sure when it is revealed a lot of us would be soooo interested!!! :DDDDD


Monday, July 1, 2013

How to make the Healthiest Lowest Calories Pancake in the World !! Flourless and Sugarless Best Pancake Recipe !

More and more people love having pancakes as breakfast to start off their day. Mostly topped with sweet maple syrup and butter ~ or even fresh fruits such as sliced bananas or strawberries or even blueberries!! However do you guys actually know that how many calories a piece of pancake have? :D

Calories of  2 Pancakes with Butter and Syrup

It costs us 520 CALORIES!!
(Source : Link here )

I know this is still consider low compared to waffles or cakes but what if I tell you that we can still enjoy our pancake but now only with a super low calories which is as low as 250 calories per serving? :D And I ammm way sooo generous to share this recipe with you guys! :D

The recipe of this flourless, gluten free, low calorie, sugarless (No sugar), and super easy pancakes will be presented below!! Tadaaa~~~~ (Thank me guys hoho)

ONLY 2 ingredients needed :

ONE : 1 Ripe Banana

TWO : 2 Whole Eggs

Excited to know how this works with only 2 basic ingredients ?? :D

Step One:

Smash the banana with the eggs till the texture you want!
If you like a texture with banana bits stop smashing it when you feel comfortable with the size of bits. But if you love soft smooth pancake like me smash the bananas till creamy!!

Step Two:

Pour the batter into the pan and FRY!! :D (I use non stick pan so that with a minimal of oil it will never stick!!)


Don't you think that this is ridiculously easy? The easiest pancake I have ever made! Although it does not require any sugar for this recipe it is still very sweet and appetizing as the banana gave a nice natural sweetness to the pancake!! :D

NOM NOM~~~~ Have A Try At Home with all this simple natural ingredients!