Monday, June 3, 2013

My Big 22nd Birthday @ Tao Cuisine, Sunway Giza

Yay!!! My birthday!! Hohoho I am so blessed with lots of birthday wishes in fb and also my frens and family and baobei gorr!! I had 2 celebrations before my exact day with Joey and my uni frens :))) And tadaaa on my big day I get to be the queen and decide where to dine in wuhooo :DDD

I received my first bouquet of flowers!!! heheeh Roses!!! Thankiu love!!! <3<3<3 ^^

So amazed!! hahahahaa

Shoooooooooooooooo pretty I love it!!! ^^ Thank you dearrrr gorgor^^ ILY!!! ^^

Me and my gor gor ^^ :DDD

Oops :P

And I got a couple phone cover!!!!!! Drawn by him!! Love this so much!!!!! ^^ I would never wanted a new phone cover any more XP

Yay after watching the awesome exciting Fast and Furious 6 we went to Tao Cuisine for dinner!! Yay!! :DDDD

Lots of lots of fresh big fat oysters!!! :DDDD

I super like oysters therefore I ate 5 in a time haha

Some fresh sashimi!! Tuna and salmon are the best!! Thick cut and sooo fresh!!

Super thick I like the generous cut of the salmon :DDD I ate alot of salmon too!! So heavenly!!

Some sushi!!

Some steamed salmon!! This is sooo fresh and soft! I love this as it has a thick oil on top of the flesh if you could understand what I meant haha

Some dessert!! I super like their black sesame muachi! :D

Bbq and teppanyaki section with fresh seafood! :D

Fresh salmon!! I love how they prepare mushrooms by adding spices NOM NOM :P

That's all for the self served food we could take from the counters. Other than that, we could order everything from their 6-page- menu!! :D Awesome!

Cheese baked oyster!! I love their cheesy dressing!! Goes well with everything :D *Top 5*

Abalone!! *Top 5* Very freshhhhhhhh! Matched nicely with their in house sauce^^

Raw oysters! Quite juicy and fat! Be sure to finish them fast to retain the freshness :D

Baked Cheese Scallops!! So generous they get us 6 of it!! Nom nom it is huge fresh and juicy too! The thick cheese gave it an extra kick! :DD *Top 5*

This lamb teriyaki was shooooooooooooo awesome!! Juicy and tender I love how it is cooked perfectly! We ordered again to satisfy our cravings!!Nom nom thumbs up!!!!!!  *Top 5*

Steamed cod fish! Slurps!! This one was awesome too!! Veryyyy fresh and super soft should have order this again>< Thumbs up! Highly recommended!!  *Top 5*

This Ebi Fried Kani Mayo was okay for me. As usual it is coated with its in house cheesy mayo :D However, the flour coating was too thick and abit hard for me :)

Saba Picata. I did not enjoy this due to its over thick flour coating >< I kind of scrap the flesh out and dispose the thick coating. 

Tuna Tataki!!! This is certainly awesome!!! I finished this all by myself! The smoked thin sliced tuna was superb! It melted in my mouth!! Love how it is matched with the bonito flakes and fragrant sesame seeds!! Perfectly prepared!! Nicer than those pricey ones I had tried!! Highly recommended! :D

Chawan Mushi with lots of ingredients :)

Soft Shell Crab Karage!! I love this too!! Worth trying!! The shell was veryy crispy I finished everything haha :)

Teppan Beef! This is okay. Quite flavourful with black pepper. Sizzling piping hot!

Desserts!!! Ice cream time!!! They have this wonderful chocolate fondue and peanuts and colourful chocolates I love this!!^^

Only if they have marshmallows for us to dip the chocolate >< 

Me :DD

Toooo full to talk lol

My boyfie!!! :D


My ootd wuhooo!! :D

Thanks everyone especially my parents boyfie my besties and my cousins :DD


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