Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fairy Beauty Workshop @ Myoga, Garden Mall

"Fairy Beauty is committed to formulating solutions that help women eliminate toxins in their body, revive their youthfulness and enhance their femininity."
by Fairy Beauty
I was so happy to be able to attend this Fairy Beauty Workshop as I have been looking forward to find some reliable and effective collagen drink as even at the age of 22 now, I have eye wrinkles (wtf) and very terrible dark eye circles. I often heard that collagen drink would help as it would regenerate new cells to enhance and restore the youthfulness in us! :D Therefore I am so grateful to have this opportunity understanding more about Fairy Beauty! :)

Quite a number of bloggers were there! :D


I invited Ann Qi here too :D

The big box of Fairy Whitez and Fairy Blossom sponsored for bloggers to review and try out :)

The workshop started with some introduction of the company history :)

Fairy Beauty's 5 R
Relieve- Eradicate free radicals & toxins
Repair - Restore damaged tissues
Rejuvenate-Increased metabolism & regeneration of new cells
Replenish-Enhance vitality & revive youthfulness
Reserve-Defend against free radicals and prevent pre-mature aging

Later we get to know this 2 products more on their ingredients, features and effects :D

Fairy Beauty products were manufactured in Malaysia while being formulated in New Zealand. In their ingredients, surprisingly they didn't use collagen of placenta for example sheep or horse placenta which a lot of other collagen drinks use. We are told that their research found that the ingredient they use which is the Salmon Calcitonin Peptide has a more effective effect and rejuvenation to our skin due to SMALLER MOLECULES which could be absorbed by our skin and cells more effectively. Besides, it would not cause any other disease during consumption! Eye opener for me because I heard a lot about mammals' placenta but this is the first time I heard about salmon fish placenta. @@

Magical Results in just 4 weeks @@

Fairy Whitez

I am sooo totally interested in Fairy Whitez as I have been wanting to reduce my dark eye circles and my wrinkles!!!!

Fairy Blossom

I think this suits be too as it helps to relieve painful menstruation :( Once in while I get super painful long migraine :( I hopes this helps too :)

The Power of Ingredients of Fairy Whitez & Fairy Blossom 

Most of their ingredients are extracted from plants therefore I think that it is quite healthy compared to the supplements from other brands :) It's contains only 40 calories therefore girls would not have to worry for side effects and increasing in weight haha

I can't persuade myself to believe the miracle that results could be seen in only 4 weeks until I listen to some real live feedback! While we are super curious how effective this supplement drink is, we get to listen to the feedback by some of the customers who tried this including May June!! I am sure you guys know her right? She is super pretty!!

May June said that her bodyline and her face has improved since she consumed this Fairy Beauty supplement!

She drinks 2 bottles a day, Fairy Blossom and Fairy Whitez one each where she gets a very satisfying effect ! Even her friends noticed her changes and start consuming this product too!

There are some other feedbacks from a few more customers too!! Some has lesser migraines during menstruation, while some has less pimples and lighter scars after consuming! This customer above had found to have more energy, more charged to complete daily task!

Bloggers :)

Me and super pretty May June!

I would be testing this Fairy Whitez and Fairy Blossom for 1 month thanks to their sponsor and I would gladly blog again to see if there is any magical results!! Cant wait to start Heheeee

Fairy Whitez (10 bottles x 22ml) RM89
 Fairy Blossom (10 bottles x 22ml)  RM89

It is actually quite affordable as you would only need to drink one bottle per day and that would be costing us only RM8.90 per day and you can have a better and healthy skin and health :)

Available : Caring Pharmacy, AEON Wellness Pharmacy, Farmasi Alpha, and independent pharmacies nationwide :) [Starting from July it will be available in Watson & Sasa too!!! ]

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