Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tous les Jours Malaysia @ Telawi Square, Bangsar Baru

My bestie Joey heard of this korean bakery that infuses traditional method and artisan spirit. It is a South Korean bakery franchise owned by CJ Foodville,having more than 1000 franchises universally. And on 23th June 2013 Tous Les Jours is now in Malaysia!!! Wuhoooo :D It serves French Asian bakery and beverages. Being the forever k-pop fan, we could not bear to miss this grand opening!!

So vintage looking design I like!! Mint is the new black :DD

Once we stepped in the bakery, we are welcomed by the cheerful music and comfy atmostphere! Everything inside is sooo koreanish!!! :D

A wide range of delectable pastries to be chosen! Ahh I love the smell of freshly baked pastries! 

There are some unique Korean Pastires such as sweet potato bun, Soboro etc to be chosen!

Flow of customers are never ending luckily we arrived quite early lol

Some mouth watering biscuits and muffins over here :D

Not to forget the wide selection of macaroons, tarts and cakes!!!

Last but not least they have this selection of fresh korean juices and sandwiches!! :D

Koreanish designation of the bakery !! 

Our selection of pastries! :D Too many varieties we just can't decide lol

See her eggcited face :DD

Potato Focaccia!!! This is our favourite!!! 

Topped with baked crispy potato wedges and herbs, this pastry is really really yummy! I love how the thin layer of cheese, garlic and herbs matches the pastry and potato wedges. Even eaten cold, the pastry is still very crispy at the edge and soft in the inside! So heavenly!! Highly recommended!!! :D

This would be the korean authentic bread, Soboro.

Soboro is a kind of soft bread with peanut butter crumbles topping. This was recommended by the Korean Manager to us. I kind of like it the way it is not too sweet but veryyyy crispy while munching the peanut butter crumbles. The peanut butter is quite light and I like the crumbly texture. :) A bit like our pineapple bun ( Po Lo Pau ) :P

The 3rd piece will be the Cream Cheese Danish!

Layered with crispy skin, this tasted not bad with the thin  layer of cream cheese. As danish tends to be soften and difficult to chew when it cools down, this is just okok for me. ( Just my opinion as I am not a fan of danish ) The fillings is quite light :)

Joey!!! :D

We get a free coffee Americano due to its grand opening. A cup of free coffee or tea with a receipt for 3 days starting from today!!!:D

Being unsatisfied we decided to get this apple crumb to end our day!

Filled with sweet and sourish apple jam and crumbs, the jam suits well with the layered crispy pastry skin! However, as both of us are not fans of jams and sweet stuff, we enjoyed the crispy outer layer more than the fillings hahaaa :P 

So lucky we get to try this recommended potato bun treated by them! :D

I know it looks normal from the outside.. BUT

I definitely like this as the bread was super soft and fluffy moreover the medium sweet sweet potato filling makes us feel heavenly! This could be eaten cold and I feel that this is quite healthy and light, soooo difficult to be resisted! It looks definitely average looking from the outside but don't judge a book by its cover :)

Me and Joey!! :D

Dining in a vintage bakery, we just could not help ourself with some Koreanish shots hahaaa


 We took away some pastries back for our family too! :D

Like this shot by Joey!! :DD Kamsahamida!

Spotted a vintage mint bike with basket of pastries outside!! :D


A picha of US!!!

Some pastries I bought back!! This will be the cheese Kipfel! I bought this because of the cheese but turned out I cant taste any cheese but a slight taste of butter. This pastry was quite hard but fragrance with buttery flavour.

This is awesome!!! The Garlic Baguette. The same version of toppings with the potato Focaccia. With a slightly sugared top, the crispy pastry matches well with the garlic and cheese topping! So fragrant I super like the garlic and herbs !!! Must try!! :DD

I decided to try this milk bun after trying the sweet potato bun. The thick creamy milky fillings with the soft bun matches each other well. A little too sweet for my liking therefore I still prefer the sweet potato bun :) 

Me with my pastries haul! :DD

Due to their grand opening they are giving away free coffee and tea for 3 days starting from today!!

39-41 Jalan Telawi 3, (Telawi Square) 
Bangsar Baru,
 59100 Kuala Lumpur