Friday, May 24, 2013

Markets 10 @ Jaya One

Yay! My boyfie agreed to take me to Jaya One for this bazaar before our food tasting at Dragon Town Restaurant at Genting Klang. We reached there at 11am and taddaaaa I ammm shoooo eggcited ^^

Some random booth I bought a super cheap and cute top :DDDD

I wanted the black bag :(

Owlch! Cute name haha

Project Swissify

Some great inspiring and artistic posters!! I wana get one for my room next time XP

Pestle & Mortal was sooo packed ><

Tubs of clothes offered at cheap price!!

Cheap clothes selling at rm30 only if not wrong

Should have grab one of these>< regret TT I dunt have any sunnies ><

Super in jeweleries! I often reluctant to buy when I see them and everytime when I recall back I am sooo regret T^T

Sooo creative!! :D By Anonymous :)

Smooshie Fruit Juices! 

Tacos!!! :DDD

Tempting looking sandwiches!!! :D by Yay, sammichi

There is this Lorong makan where they have food stalls :DDD

Somemore they provide wooden box for people to sit on while munching their food :DD


Brownies looking good @@

A selection of hummus from HummusCo

Andy's bbq burger^^ Their burger looks super good>< 


I bought a packet of peace sign studs here!!! at Geeks Do Fashion!! ^^

Vintage Watches :D

Me :DD

Boyfie and me!!!

We get this goodie bag there wuhooo Don't Panic :DDD

Lots of vouchers inside including a packet of Yadah trial pack!! :D

Vitamin Emulsion and Vitamin Toner!! Wuhoo Thank you :DD

Thats all :))