Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dragon Town Restaurant 龙城 @ Plaza Crystal Villa Genting Klang, Jalan Danau Niaga

Thanks to Food Director again I get to attend this food review session with some other bloggers at this  Chinese Restaurant, the Dragon Town Restaurant at Genting Klang.

The inside of the restaurant :)

The menu :D

The first dish will be this Braised Bean Curd with Brown Sauce. The texture of their homemade bean curd is quite smooth. Not bad.

Deep fried Tilapia with foil is a highly recommended dish. The skin was quite crispy and the flesh was so juicy and soft. It matched perfectly with the sauce. 

All bloggers love this dish. hehe Thumbs up! :D

This is their signature crispy chicken and reservation is needed. The flesh is not dry at all and its texture matched well with the crispy skin. I like their sweet sauce :)

Fried cuttlefish with asam. The cuttlefish is quite fresh!

Deep fired crispy trotters! Tender and juicy!! 

Braised sea cucumber and mushroom. Dunt judge the food by its appearance. haha This one was nicely prepared. The fresh sea cucumber and mushrooms are real yummy soaked with yummy thick gravy. I love this!  

Nom nom!!

 Prawn with Indonesian Style. This is superb! The Indonesian style curry is very thick and creamy I love it! It is so appetizing I can finished a bowl of rice just with the curry. hahaa. The prawns are big and juicy too! Highly recommended!!!

I miss this!!

Prawn, fish fillet and cuttlefish with sizzling. This dish has generous amount of fish fillet and I love having them altogether with the appetizing sauce.  

Braised fish head curry. This curry dish has also abundance of vege and taopok. 

I super like oyster therefore this dish is highly recommended hahaa Fried egg with oyster. This dish is nicely done I like the crispy edges and it is very fragrant! No smelly taste at all!!

This is a special dish ~ Steam Frog with essence of chicken. Be prepared for a heavy taste of essence and female ginseng (dong guai) XD This is quite fresh and the heavy taste might be a bit addictive hahaa

Seaweed roll.

Scallop and brocolli! Their big white scallops are so fresh and juicy I love it!! A light dish with healthy and fresh ingredients. I like this!! :D 

Desert time!! 

Overall I think that the food is quite nice and worth for a try. :) The price is quite reasonable too with all the fresh ingredients and clean environment. Recommended!

Dragon Town Restaurant 龙城
Plaza Crystal Villa Genting Klang, 
Jalan Danau Niaga 1, 
Taman Danua Kota.

Me and my boyfie :D

Thanks to food director for the invitation again :)


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