Saturday, May 11, 2013

Daughter's Cafe 朵儿咖啡馆 - 第36个故事

I have been longing to visit this delicate cafe since I watched the Taiwan Local Movie Taipei Exchanges 第36个故事 a year ago. This movie is about 2 sisters Doris 朵儿 and Josie蔷儿 who ran a coffee shop. When the shop is finally opened for business the 2 sisters found that their shop is overwhelmed by gifts given by their friends for good luck. Doris little sister Josie came out an idea to turn what was once just a typical coffee shop into an exchange store with something for everyone. If customers come in with something to trade, they can take whatever they please of equal value. 

Elder sister Doris 朵儿 :))

Little sister Josie蔷儿 ^^


And at last I have the chance to visit this particular coffee shop where they shot their scenes!!! :DDD

Me!!! #OOTD

The door is super cute!! :DD

Open everyday from 10am to 9pm :)

The super comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the cafe !!

Excited now even when I look at these pictures! 

The bar where Doris and Josie made their coffee haha :D

They have different desert everyday and Thursday we get Brownie! :D

Different desert everyday :)

I ordered a cappuccino with a large heart hahaa

We shared our brownie with ice cream ^^ It was quite thick and moist I love it :)

Thanks Anqi for accompanying me :)

Taste not bad I love how the foam looked like a backside after drinking halfway haha

The place we sat at that day is in one of the scenes

We sat at the table where the girl was sitting, when in one of the scenes a Japanese sung a song in order to trade for a Japanese song book :)

We were given a basket to put our jackets so caring ^^

電話:(02)8787-2425 時間:10:00-21:00 

Love this place :) I love this movie "Taipei Exchange " very much till I rewatch again :))



Henry Tan said...

wow niceee wait i go taiwan i wanna go too! =D

suituapui said...

Nice place, nice food. Western desserts, eh? We have a Taiwan cafe here...but I am not too food of the food there. Went once only.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Hilda Milda™ said...

The cafe seems so comfy and I love the blue door HEHE and the basket they gave for your jacket is really thoughtful indeed (:

p/s: about my current read, sort of stopped reading halfway cause of exam and stuff but the book was kinda boring to me. maybe it would be nicer as it gets to the middle part of the plot (:

Sycookies said...

Selling movie scence is a brilliant idea. It does look pretty spacious as well as nicely maintain. The flooring is really pretty. Making the cafe really warrm and comfortable looking. So do they still do this exchanging thing now?