Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dating with Bestie @ Artisan Roast , TTDI

Dating with Joey after our last meet up at Kaffa Espresso Bar :) We love catching up once in a while to update each other. And this time she recommended this Artisan Roast Cafe which is quite well known for its coffee.

Ooh I like how I edited this picture into so artistic haha The ambiance here is quite comforting. Exactly suitable for a small chat.

Self service water. So unique.

We ordered this cheesecake and both of us thought that this was good! Surprisingly thick and creamy. Oohh nice!

We tried out this tiny piece of Grasshopper slice. It was a combination of mint and chocolate. It was so so for us. I am not a fan of mint though. 

Joey's Cappuccino. As we are spending too much time taking photos of it the foam disappeared and left just a tiny layer ><

My latte. Thick enough I love it :)

Me :D

Love this shot of Joey :D

Picture of me credited to Joey :D And also my portraits below ^^

Us! Hope to see you soon :D

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