Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dating @ Sunway Pyramid (1Malaysia Book Voucher & Pasta Zanmai)

This Friday me and my boyfie went to Sunway Pyramid to use up my BB1M 1 Malaysia Book Voucher. My selection of books are mostly available in Sunway Pyramid Popular Bookstore compared to the one in Ikano. :) I planned to use up my vouchers in a single receipt in order to get another RM50 voucher! So worth it right? :)

On the way to Sunway Pyramid!! Weee~~~


We spent 2 hours there :DD I just love books :)


Our baskets of books ^^ We bought 7 books and 3 3D Stickers for my students hahaha No roam for any stationeries already XP Btw Dan Brown fans! Inferno is out :D

Started to camwhore in the bookstore hahaha

Ooopsss XP

Me with my weird leg pose hahaha

Later after that we went Pasta Zanmai for lunch~~ It has been a long time since my last visit. I often visit there with my uni friends back then. I miss their mini pasta set!!!!!!!

As usual green tea for us! Hot refillable ocha for both of us :)

Boyfie with his signature smile hahaha

Camwhore a little bit while waiting for the food haha

He looks cute without his specs XP

Me :D

We ordered the Mini Pasta Set which consists of 2 types of dishes with only the price of one. But of course the portion is smaller :) We ordered Mini Kaki Kimuchi Pasta to Mini Tori Karaage Garlic Rice ^^

The  Mini Kaki Kimuchi Pasta!! Wuhooo I think girls will like this alot as the broth was quite sourish with a little bit of spiciness. Very appetizing!!

They have lots of ingredients inside too. 3 big oysters and abundance of mushrooms :D

Slurps I like this :D

This will be the Mini Tori Karaage Garlic Rice ! I love this as well! They gave us generous amount of crispy Tori Karaage which is the Japanese Fried Chicken!! Slurps!!

The garlic rice was very nice too with abundance deep fried garlic! The total portion was not small therefore a set of mini pasta is actually enough for 2 of us ^^ However we still went Papa Johns for another round hahaha




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