Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anniversary Celebration @Chicago, One Utama

We postponed our anniversary celebration because on that particular day I am still in Taiwan. We bought Chicago Vouchers from Groupon long time ago and saved it for our celebration Yippie :D Wanted to save some money using Groupon but turned out we spent more =-=

Rib eye steak nom nom 

Hickory BBQ Bacon Burger

Slurps! Juicy and tender nom nom

Gave him this couple key chain bought this from Taiwan

And he bought me this spike flats!! I love this sooo much!!! :)))

I am so grateful having US and I appreciate our relationship. Everything happens for a reason and you happening in my life is my greatest happiness. Thanks for being forgiving and being there for me. After all the mess I have made and the tantrums I threw on you you are still always be there for me. We shall have more and more anniversaries in the future. Love you :)

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