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[ TAIWAN #DAY 9- 6/4/13 ] Wushih Harbour Visitor Centre,Mr. Brown Cafe Castle, Fulong Station, Shifen Old Street & Jiufen; 烏石港遊客中心, 頭城城堡咖啡館, 福隆车站,十分老街 & 九分

Going downstairs for breakfast :D

They have this hairdryer area for us to dry our hair after the hotspring :D

Nom nom porridge again lol

Lots of side dishes!!! :D


The outside of our hostel :DDD

On the way to our first stop we ate our black sugar Muachi It taste super good :DDD

We went to this Wushih Harbour Visitor Centre 烏石港遊客中心 for our first stop :D

There is a port nearby :D

We did not go in the musuem lol Just photos from the outside coz our tour guide say there is nothing special to see lol

After that we went to this Mr. Brown Cafe Castle which is situated up high on the mountains :DD

We are here for the view not the coffee haha See our tour guide is so nice he brought us here where only the locals know :D

Capture these photos by the roadside up the mountains :D

OOHH Do we call that cape? :DDD

Whisky distillers as decorating item in the cafe :D

It is sooo huge. Consists of 3 floors LOL

The roof top :DDDD


HALLOOO Hachi :DDD Spot lots of Hachi in Taiwan lea :D

This one is sooo adorable ^^

Girls being girls :D

Oooh the ceiling <3

Anqi's ice cream :DDD

We went toFulong Station福隆车站for lunch!!! Bento time!!! :DD

This named Village bento 乡野便当 is those traditional bento where passengers buy them to be eaten in the trains therefore called Platform Bentos . Fulong Station is just beside this shop :)

They have only one flavour for the bentos :D

Tadaa :D

Waaaaa I am so surprised when I open my bento haha Since we cannot get to choose I think customers get surprises everytime they buy there. (Gu Zha Bi 古早味) Ancient taste bento I love this!! How on earth it is possible to taste this if you travel with those travelling agencies!! We like my tour guide alot haha :D Only RM6 for 2 pieces of braised meat and tofu and hotdog and egg and vegeeee :DDD Yumsss :DDDD


After lunch we went to 十分老街 :D

Sky lanterns!! Wuhoo :D

We choose one then started writing our wishes haha

Oopss hahaha


We wanted to let go of our sky lanterns but suddenly we heard the sound of the train therefore back off to wait XP


usss!! There is one white patch at the left side in these pictures I think there is a water drop  on my lens :(


They came and helped us to change the sides hahaha

Change the sides hahaha blue faceing us now LOL

Ooohhhh here we go :DDDDD

Us ^^

Bubaiii :DDDDDDD May our wish come true :))

Walking further down and we saw this bridge :)

Jing Ann Bridge :D

After Shifen we departed for Jiu Fen 九分!! :D

We checked in at 溫莎堡涵馆 Winsor Wenshabao B&B at Jiu fen :DDD [Look here for more info : ]

At first we were asked to leave our luggage at the lobby and take only what is needed for the day to our rooms. We are like WHY? We thought that they underestimate us that we girls are not able to carry our luggage using the stairs but duh~~ we have been carrying this for a week already haha But then the owner  insisted and said that they would take us to our room for a look and then WOW We are soooo stunned lol You know why? HEHE

The lobby by the roadside we entered will be the 2nd floor of the building even though we walked from the roadside to the lobby. That means we are typically staying at a slope and our room is at ground floor, which means we have to go downstairs for our room  @@ Amazing lea? XDXD And then the stone stairs are very very steep and the spaces are very tight and yup it is totally impossible to move with our luggages LOLL 101% fall lohhh

The surrounding of our room :DDD I am staying in the animations :D

Our room~~~~ XDXDXD

Sooo nice there are 3 partitions and the first one would be a small living room for us :D Wooden old authentic decoratives :DDD Some wooden tables and chairs and also a TV for us :DD

Our room!!!! Ahhh There are 2 king beds in this partition and it is above the normal level :DDD Sooo princess and authentic lea XDXD

See you have to climb the stairs up heheeee Be careful coz we bang our heads up there quite often LOL

A small corridor leading to the 3rd partittion XDXD

Two beds in this partition too!!! So cute they painted their walls with brown mountains XDXD

Some old school deco XDXD

Even our toilet is so old school the walls are made out of wood planks lea @@

After settling down we went to the Jiu Fen Street for dinner XDXD 

We love this village so much :)))

The stone stairs I mentioned LOLLL

This is where we are staying :)

Ahhh tadaaa my so call lobby LOL They have this coffee business going on inside too XDXD

The boss and boss lady! Cute right? XDXD

We reached Jiufen Street :D

Jiu Fen is famous for their taro balls must try!!! Veryyyyyy chewy XD

It is good to eat the taro balls in ginger soup especially in the cold weather :D

We bought a heavenly taro puff here XD

This is very yummmyyy Crispy at the outside and soft and yummy fresh yam at the inside XD Thumbs up!!

Slurpssss Beef noodle yumss XDXD

As usual Taiwan beef is super very ultimate soft I love it!!!!

We went back to the lobby to wrap up our the stuff we need for the day and found that the coffee shop has closed already but the lady boss purposely stay back to wait for us >< Touched*

Us and the boss and lady boss XD They are super friendly><

They rear a cat here :DD

Eating a free muachi here given by our tour guide XDD We always get to eat for free thansk to Tony Lin XDXD

Cindy and I went out to catch a glimpse of the village at night :)))



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