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[ TAIWAN #DAY 8- 5/4/13 ] Cingshui Cliffs,Suhua Highway, Nan Fang Ao, National Center for Traditional Arts & Luo Dong Night Market ; 清水断崖, 蘇花公路,南方澳, 國立傳統藝術中心 & 罗东光观光夜市

While staying at Bay Seven Stars, we are staying near the beach therefore we got up early for the sunrise :D We girls just like sunrises and sunsets LOLL

Some houses nearby :)

Us waiting at the seaside。Where is the sun?

We waited for so long and cannot see any sign of any sun lol #fail

This seaside is VERY special as they do not consist of sand! It consist of small pebbles omg The first time ever I saw a seaside without sand but pebbles@@

I brought back four for four of my family members including me as a souvenir #iknowitsoundsstupid And my mum took one to put under her pot of plants for stability =____________= So precious one lea =_=

Me scary look with cindy lol This is how we look in the early morning lol

Me with sakai look :(

Me choosing the stones :P

Doesnt this look like pencil chips?? :D

Straight heading for breakfast hehe I love their breakfast sooo much :DDDD

You can opt to have porridge with side dishes or bread!!! OMO!!! They have this variety of bread frm chicken floss to cheese to caramel to sesame and so on!!! I love these!!! :D And free flow of milk MUAHAHAHA XP

Cheese Ham bread :D I love this :DDDDDDDD The underneath one is yam bread ^^

After breakfast we depart for  Cingshui Cliffs 清水断崖 inside Tarako National Park  ^^

US!! :D

Magnificent cliff @@

Standing at the cliff!!! One step behind bubai LOL

Here we are :D


Next we stopped by at some  place at 蘇花公路 Suhua Highway for a glimpse of nice view :D

Can see the boats parking right? haha Those are not cars btw :P

We stopped by 南方澳  Nan Fang Ao for lunch :DDD

As Nan Fang Ao is a port in Yilan, they have lots of seafood restaurants with very fresh seafood :DDD

Hai fake stringray~

Oh hai scary spike fish^^

As in this restaurant we went they have lots of aquarium rearing varieties of sea creatures!! Omo sea slugs!!! Beautiful yet geli loll

Cute dot stingray :D

Here comes our vege!!! Sweet Potato leave :D 

Eggs with very fresh prawns!!:D

Can see that the prawns are abit translucent right? Veryyyy fresh and crunchy!!! :D

Abalone oysters for us!!!! Omo this is niceeeee !!!!!!!!! Upper level of oyster :D

When we eat this we realised that half of it is chewy like abone and another half taste like oyster! Heavenly TT

Very fresh 黑毛鱼Girella leonina :D When I googled this I just know that this is one of the expensive high end fish @@ No wonder it was so soft and yummy!!

Seafood mee :D The taste is not bad but I dislike yellow mee :(

When we are leaving we saw this huge crab at the cashier @@

Scary looking toad with pointy eyelids @@

and his grumpy wifey haha

We did not go in this coral temple ><

But we went in the Jade temple :D

From the 3rd floor of the Jade temple :DDDDD Lovely!!!!

We then left for the National Center for Traditional Arts 國立傳統藝術中心! Came here before last year with family :)

Small tutu train which operates using hot coal @@ Impressive :D

The street :D

The street got feel anot :P

Some hilarous performance about two people finding their rabbit hahaha #forkids

Some interesting chinese opera about a mirror mender and a customer haha

Interesting :D

Funny haha

Some bathroom museum hahaha

Bubaiiii :D Next we headed to Luo Dong Night Market 罗东光观光夜市 :DD

Luo Dong Night Market 罗东光观光夜市 :DD

The fruit stall they mentioned with the cute guy! I didnt see him >< LOL

We were introduced to buy this! 糕渣 Cake residue and卜肉 Bu Meat? LOLL This stall is certainly famous because we waited very longg under the rain for this ><

My first time eating GaoZha, also known as Cake Residue I thought is is some kind of deep fired pork oil LOL Because it is served in deep fired cubes and the inner side is soooo soft and yummy and translucent lol But then only this time I know it is actually some cooled down harden soup broth which is then cut for deep fried. So is this actually healthy? haha While Bu Meat consists of an upper layer of meat and a lower layer of shredded radish or deep-fried vegetables. Not bad too :D

We queue up quite long for this San Xing Scallions wrap too!!

 One man show!! Spot the queue to behind LOLLL Insane haha

Nom nommm not bad ~

Beside the wrap stall there is this SUPER SUPER YUMMY STINK TOFU EVER EATEN OMGGGGGG I know it looks ugly but seriously ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( The juicy savory when u bite the tofu omg can dai lah

We ordered 2 plates of this :( Sooo yummeh can dai


Tapioca Balls 包心粉圆 :D These are red bean wrapped chewy tapioca balls! Quite unique but oops I am not a fan of red bean XP I ate a few thou heheee :P

Soya ice with red beans and macha jelly :DD Not bad  :)

Rice cakes :DDDD Made of glutinous rice and chicken flosss I love this :DDDD Why the hell I could not finish this that time =_=

Our hotspring hostel in Jiaoxi !!! :D We stayed in Chuang-tang Spring Spa Hotel :DDDD

Them posing awww <3 ^^

Can you see what happened??? There is this invissible table popping out from the ground which I thought there is earthquake when someone randomly press a button LOLLLLL

Ngam ngam 5 twin beds for 5 of us LOL To be honest this room is quite dirty and the curtains have lots of dust even when u touch it you can feel it :( And our big room is beside the worker's room ><

However, the hotspring spa here is awesome!!!! I cant take any photos inside the hot srping downstairs but here it their website [ ]. We typically went to this hotspring till 11pm and they woke up early for it the next morning which I didnt lol The hot air inside makes me dizzy but it is veryyy comfortable :D They have this milk spa, rose spa, bamboo coal spa, fish spa with a total of 11 different spa they have wuhooo They have this White Marble Bed石板床 where you can lie down and enjoy the warmth hehee Quite comfortable and you feels like you are being barbecued hahaha :DD


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