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[ TAIWAN #DAY 7- 4/4/13 ] Qing Qing Farm, Wu Lin, Hehuanshan, Swallow Grotto, Shakadang Trail & ZhiQiang night market ; 青青草原,武嶺 , 合欢山,燕子口, 砂卡礑步道 &自强夜市

After dropping off our luggage in the van, we went down for our complimentary breakfast at New Happy Land 新樂園民宿 :D

The view is sooo nice :D

Breakfast time!! They provide us porridge with some side dishes:)

Cabbage, bamboo shoots, some unknown yummy preserved vege, prawn floss, eggs and peanuts :D

Our first visit of the day would be this Qing Qing Farm :D

The weather was sooooo good !!! I love how the picha consists of lots of greens and blues and also with the lambs :))

Sooooo relaxing :)))

I love the skies haha

There is this funny lamb that wanders around doing nothing looking at us haha Others were busy eating but this looks like a thinker hahaa She just walk here and there looking at us haaha

Hi there!! :D

Some of them stand up and lean on the fence when they saw someone with food approaching haha

Horses!!! I love them :DDD

Hai Cutie<3

Me and my love haha

These performers are waiting to perform but unfortunately we dont have the chance to see because time is running up><

Our tour guide stopped his van and let us take photo of this landmark of 太鲁阁国家公园 Tarako National Park from inside haha Yeap we are heading to the Tarako National Park now. The places we visited after Qing Qing Farm today and tomorrow would be part of this Tarako National Park such as Wu Lin 
武嶺 which is the highest point highway in Taiwan, at 3275 m :)))

This is it!! It is like super duper cold omg We hardly get out of the van omg Each of us get ourselves hand warmer packet we bought from 7eleven lolllll We never know we are going up this high therefore our clothes are all thin. We underestimate our tour guide's advice =___=

There is this pretty small hike here where travelers hike up abit for photos :)

Everyone was shivering like hell hahaha

I was shivering so much that my face went stiff loll

We failed to see anything coz the mist is toooo heavy :(

Stiff smile haha

After that we went to Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area! 

This place is at 3422m high even colder =___=


US!!! :D 

Selca haha

Me haha :DD

Us!! I love this^^

Its lunch time :D We drop by this cute cafe for lunch :D

They are selling roasted mushrooms!! Seriously they tasted soo nice :DD Must try!!

Black pepper pork rice :D

Cabbage planted on the mountains! Fresh and crispy as usual :D

Stewed chicken with three cup sauce :))

We stopped by for toilet on the way to the Shallow Grotto and we some a nice bridge nearby :D

I was chatting with this little girl at the 7eleven haha

Later after that we reach the Swallow Grotto 燕子口!!

Becareful of rock falls! Heard that there were a few accidents where people died hit by rocks @@

Seee how chio the cave is at the left @@

I can literally keep hearing pebbles rolling down haha scary><


Mana Anqi? haha

I am falling XPP

Notice ppl wearing helmets? We are the only ones who did not rent the helmets lol Our tour guide didnt ask us to rent them so we didnt =__=

So magnificent :))

See how tiny the people there and how deep it is? Soooooo scary!

There are these tour buses passing by and it is soo scary as their height scratches the cave :( Each time a bus goes through some rocks rolled down :(

Helmets @@ 

After the Swallow Grotto off we go to the Shakadang Trail 砂卡礑步道 :D

It is situated under a red bridge therefore we have to climb the stairs down to the path :D

It is like a mini swallow grotto hahaa

US!! :D

Miss u guys :(

Me and qiqi :D

Spot me behind :P

Heading up back to our car :D

At last we are heading to our hostel already :D Heading to Hualien 花莲 now :DD

The sky is sooo blue :)))

Bay Seven Star Homestay at Hua Lien :DD This is where we stay^^

Bed for me and Anqi ^^

After checking in we went ZhiQiang night market (自强夜市) for dinner :DDDD Night market again LOL

On the way I snap lots of photos of the beautiful clouds! I love the clouds!!!

Reached ZhiQiang night market (自强夜市)!! Spot this cute guy at the first stall LOL just kidding :P

This bbq is seriously very famous here because even though when we reached it is still early 5.30pm there are already a long queue for this particular stall!! We queue up for this and waited for 60 numbers LOL 

You can pick and choose what you like :D

Jareil  queue upfor this IDK what it this but it tasted like Malaysia popiah :P

This is the improved version of coffin bread without salad and peas but meat LOL I like this more!! :DD  蔣家創意棺材板 is a must try!!! :D

There is this super famous Ling Ji Corn bbq at Zhi Qiang Night Market!! This big shop sells only BBQ corn!! Impressive?

Sooo many staffs helping!

Here customers can choose whether they want their corn juicy or chewy then they will have to weight them on a weighing machine! They charge customers by the weight of the corns!!

This corn shop is sooo famous that we have to wait very long too for our number >< So unbelievable buying a corn also needs to take order number lol

Guess how much for this corn? NT79, RM 7.90 for this corn!!! But it is soooo yummy! The first corn bought is sooooo chewy and the taste is sooo heavenly!! They have this coated honey before bbq therefore it taste sooo nice with the chewy corns omg #imissit

I uploaded this coz cindy looks so cute haha

I wanted something lighter therefore me and june and cindy sat down in this stall while anqi and jareil went for hotplate beef :) June's braised pork on rice :D

My clear soup mee hahhaaa I am insane LOLL

BAI BAI ZhiQiang Night Market~~^^

-to be continued-

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