Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[ TAIWAN #DAY 6- 3/4/13 ] The European Palace Garden and Aboriginal Culture Village & Carton King ;九族文化村&纸箱王

Woke up int he morning thinking about breakfast but suddenly realised that the place we stayed provide us breakfast :D

As usual their typical traditional porridge for breakfast :)

So happy they have this mini pao I can skip porridge :P

Some of the side dishes :D

Good bye :DD

Our first destination of the day would be the Aboriginal Culture Village !!

So funny when we saw the group of kids having their one day trip here and we graduates came here haha

The opposite of the entrance would be this European Palace Garden!!! This is sooo amazing we went in after Aboriginal Culture Village :D

Figuring out how to arrange our route in order to watch all the performance on time haha

Some performance at the entrance :D

And they started noticing some cute guys among the performers haha

This guy set fire by rubbing two stones together and later transfer the flames to these dry thatch @@

There is a section in this Village for the One Piece themed gallery :D Fans? haha


Getting on the royal train :DDD

Yay!!! We get to ride the merry go round!!! I like this the most haha coz most of the time most of the places it is banned from adults ><

Like couple heh haha

Ride on this too :)

On the pirate ship :D

Me and Portgas D.Ace lol No idea who is he but he looks cute hahaha

We are in a jail!!

I found this snail humoring lol

Oh hai :D

<3 nt200,000 if  u break it haha

Pirate ship :D

Kids should not be drinking wine though.

Oohh he farted! See his pat pat!! :DDDD

Bomb head skeleton :D

She is strong. Dunt you think so haha

June and I sat this! It is quite amazing up there as the scenery was awesome!!!!! Quite high but not as fun as the Genting's because this is too short! Just drop once and it ended hmn...

Cable car :DDD

I love the scenery^^ We sat the cable car till the end of the park and follow the route back while visiting the places :)

us :p

This village is wonderful place for people like us who enjoy the introducing and understanding of different cultures while having the chance to be in the nature. :) We love trees :)))

One of the aborigines sees owl as their sacred god :)

Me trapped :( Save me?

Aaah I love the tiny huts here :DD

The public toilet haha

Another cute hut :D

The inside of this hut is filled with thier traditional equipment :)

Oohh collecting human skulls for fun @@


Lunch time :DD

My set lunch!!! A bit expensive coz it cost me rm18 lea =_= Had to eat coz I am soo hungry ady lol

Anqi's Pepper beef rice :D

Chicken Chop rice :D

Hungry Monsters LOL

The restaurant :D

My glutinous rice in bamboo I love this!!!!! :D

I finished it all haha 

Their special yam cake with lots of ingredients :D I am satisfied with my set :D

The scenery beside while having our lunch :)

Watched some funny performance show later. And I found that all of the performers of different aborigines are the same group of dancers haha

Spot this pretty parrot in its cage :D

Me with one of them heheehe

Owls everwhere :DD

Oh hai night owls XP

Saisiat is 赛夏族in english oic...

We went outside after that for the European Palace Garden ^^

This place is soooo nice!!! It is like some big european garden with lavenders and european buldings and those place where you can have photo-shoots!! Lovely!

Totally indulged in the beauty of this garden :)))))))))))))))


Sheeps!!! Awwwwwwwww <3

Lavender!!!!!!!! I am being soo obedient I didnt pluck one of these home haha Managed to fight my desire :D


I super love this place ^^

Our next station would be Carton King :DD It was up high in the mountains therefore on the way we dropped by some place for dinner. On the way to our dining place we saw one european style buliding which turns out to be a cafe @.@

Ilove this so much lah ><

And this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the view here when wee reached our dining place at last and it was at 2044km up hehe very cold!!!!!!

Our dining place ^^ I miss this place><

Some herbal soup we ordered!! Love this! I am addicted to hot soup in cold weather lol

Some spicy minced pork we ordered to be eaten with their green raw salad vege^^

Pepper hot chicken this one tasted quite special leah~

Mee with hot soup again!!

Very fresh green cabbage planted in the mountains! So damn sweet loh

We went to the Carton King 纸箱王 after dinner ^^

The place is actually a small shop selling cardbox made stuff hehe

I love how they made a family out of the card box lea! So sweet^^

Hai Goat! 

Mini zoo and I saw my favourite giraffe^^

Expensive right for some cardboards ><

You could buy an Eiffel Tower for deco too :D

Hai giraffe^^

Thats all for our visits today! At last we checked in New Happy Land 新樂園民宿 at Qing Jing :D

Disaster right? This place is quite small for five of us. Although there are two twin beds downstairs and some mattress upstairs there are barely spaces for us to open our luggages><

Upstairs! Not to forget that their wifi sucks there lol

Anyway, that's the end of the day^^

-To be continued-

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