Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[ TAIWAN #DAY 5- 2/4/13 ] Alishan, Monster Village and Sun Moon Lake ; 阿里山,妖怪村 & 日月潭

I still remember vividly that to catch the sunrise we woke up at 4smt to catch the train to the highest station where most of us could get a good view of the sunrise!! Even though we wake up early we ride the last train up lol We are late =______=

Trying to get a good view waiting for the sunrise :DD

We waited for more than an hour to see this tiny soft sunlight between the clouds :D

See how beautiful it is :DD I love how the light lies on the clouds :)) Waited so long for this moment lol :)) Worth it lah ^^


Aaahhh so nice the morning breeze :)))

Spot their silhouette between the trees? :D

Waiting for train back to our hotel :D

I managed to take a lot of photos when I am in the train. Risk my life popping my head out of the window lo haha

Reached our train station :D

Anqi, Cindy and June! :D

While I was walking back to my hotel I spot some blossoming sakura :DD

Our hotel :D

After that we left Alishan to this Monster Village at Xitou :D

This is indeed a very special and unique Japanese Theme Village with very Japanese Style buildings and shops :D

One-legged monster :DD

This building is sooo cuteeee :D Like those in the animations hahaa

Their popular snacks pack we saw lots of visitors buying this LOLLL 

Adorable unique post cards!!! :DD

Eventually we walked deeper and found that they provide accommodation inside the secluded forest too :D Looks like those enchanted forest where fairies and dwarfs live haha

Ahhh I like this haha

Hi dwarf ! :D

Snow White mirror!! :D

This place is sooo cute they placed and hid those cute decorative items in the forest :D 

They have this cute bakery here too :D

Monster on the bread :D

We had our lunch here coz being attracted by their black mee soup :D

See? Yummsss hot soup is good everywhere under the cold weather :))

Dried black mee :D

Long nose monster is their signature icon of this monster village haha

The combination of the postcards we bought haha

Eyeball glutinous balls hahaa

KEC? hahaha

18xx >< haha

Sending our postcards straight from the postbox of monster village^^

Baibai monster village :DDD

Later we went to Sun Moon Lake!! This is my 2nd time as I came here last year with my parents :DD

At the jetty :D

Me n Anqi in the boat :D

Them :DDD One of their crews show June a picha of a fren of him wearing the same top hahahahaa :D What a coincidence^^

Our stamped hand as our ticket of the ships :D

苦旅?haha the opposite :)

I bought these A Po Herbal eggs nom nommm :D

Oooh there is a monster village shop here too :D

Mushroom Pau :D

We bought one to try :) Not bad I like mushroomS :D

We bought this Xiao Mi Cake to try out. Turns out it is tasteless and overburnt :(

After the Sun Moon Lake, we went to check in at Love Home :D

A comfy and homelike place :D

Upstairs there are 4 mattress and 1 queen bed downstairs :D I super like the Japanese wooden style :D

The stairs lol I forgot to take picture of how downstairs looks like therefore replace with this stairs picha ahhahaa

Dinner time !!! :D

I think this restaurant is a reputable one as when we reached there it is almost full and when we leave there is a LONGGGG queue outside omg thanks to our tour guide Tony Lin who book this restaurant for us :D

Tea from bamboo pot <3

Shroommss :D

Fish with preserved plumss I like this :DDDDD

Mushroom soup :D

Prawns! I love the soup hehe

Cute couple umbrella stands :DD Like me :D

Like you <3 XP

-to be continued- 

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