Sunday, April 21, 2013

[ TAIWAN #DAY 4- 1/4/13 ] Eternity Suspension Bridge, Fenqihu & Alishan ; 天长地久桥, 奋起湖 & 阿里山

Credits to Cindy : View from the balcony of "Each Family 家家小屋 " :D Pretty right?? :))

We headed for Alishan straight in the morning after breakfast :D We passed by this Eternity Suspension Bridge :D

Imitating the statues haha :D

It was raining therefore most of our pichas are with the umbrella LOL

Trying very hard to hide the umbrella haha :))

Cindy kena tumbuk hahaah

Me!! :DD



We hang around here for quite long and our tour guide was surprised that we can stop here for so long lolll After that we went Fenqihu 奋起湖 for lunch!! :D 


We are told that these bamboo shoots are squary !! Omo and its real>< I always thought that it is round lol

Us :D

Our traditional bento!! Hehee so nice of our tour guide to bring us here :))

Lots of ingredients!!! And it is quite cheap too :D

They let us try some of their fried pork strips :D Quite nice!!!

Soo crispy I love this :D

The people there belanja us to drink this Ai Yu alsoo :DDD

Spot their straw with spoon!! So convenient you can drink it and also use the spoon together :DD

I love this!! :D

<3 ^^

Walking down the street :)

After a short walk at Fenqihu we hopped up to our van and off we go to Alishan!! :D

We were soooo damn cold omgg 9 celcius !!! :DDDD

Our tour guide brought us to sit the Alishan Train :DD

The small train we are in :DD

Lumber Collecting Post is used to transport timbers through cables in the olden days :))

See? This will be one of the Lumber Collecting Post :D

Some leftover Sakura!! Our tour guide told us that although our travel period is the optimum season for sakura but unfortunately this year Sakura has oddly started blossoming earlier than it is supposed too >< In the end the blossoming ended earlier :(

We waited beside the trails to get a shot of the train :D


Heading to the woods now :DD


The adventure at Alishan forest is an unforgettable experience :) The trees the fog made us feel like we are in some magical paradise, a Xanadu where u can imagine where pixies and elfs live :DDDD

It is hard to describe how beautiful the place is but it is extremely beautiful :) We ooh and aaahhh amazed by how beautiful it is!

Isn't this like one if the scene in Hayao Miyazaki animation 幽灵公主Princess Mononoke :DD @@

Some natural bent heart shape trees :DD

Later after that we were brought to some cafe nearby introduced by our tour guide :DD And so LUCKY my DSLR died after that>< Therefore from now ownwards all my photos are taken by Cindy :)

We shared a cup of coffee :DDD They said that this is the nicest tasted ever black coffee. As I seldom drink black coffee I cant understand how awesome it is without milk and sugar. However after drinking like more than half we decided to spoil the original taste and add some milk. It was sooo awesome hahahaha Coz I can compare the taste with those I tried back in Msia :D

Some snacks treated by the shop owner :D It is sooo nice to have our tour guide around as he knows well with all the bosses and we always get free snacks hahaha

Their boss with awesome FINGERS :DDD

After our teatime straight away we had our dinner at some restaurant nearby hahaha :D

A small cosy warm restaurant :)))

Some steamboat with lots of ingredient :D

Wild boar meat :DDD

Bamboo shoots I love them :DD

Lemon chicken :DD

Cabbage :DD

Fried chicken :D

As you can see our set dinner includes 6 dishes and 5 of us could never finish all of that LOLL Stuffed >< But the dishes tasted not bad :)))

-To be Continued-

I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :DDDDDD

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