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[ TAIWAN #DAY 3- 31/3/13 ] Kenting Beach, Sand Island, Long Pan Park, Eluanbi Park, National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, Wu-Chun-Bao Bakery & Liuhe Night Market ; 垦丁海边,砂岛, 龍磐公園, 鹅銮鼻公园,垦丁海生馆, 吳寶春麥方店 & 六合夜市

Morning from Kenting :DDDD

#By the way I edited the photos in this post differently hehe #

Morning from our hostel balcony!!! See the sea?? :D

In front of our hostel :D

June and me woke up early and went to the beach for a walk~ so ROMANTIC hahaha

June at the seaside :D

Spot some tiny sea creature ^^

Smiling evilly torturing this poor thing hahaha nola XP

Some wild grown purple morning glory <3

Poser haha

Me :D

June in her new beach dress!! :D

My manly slippers with her polka dots new sandals :P

Ooops spot them from far they are here ady! :D

Muackssssssssss :D

All of us in dresses and skirts :DDD

Couple beach dress they bought in Kenting Street yesterday!! :D

Walking along the street to hunt for breakfast :D

We stopped by at a random breakfast shop for breakfast!! :)) Sandwiches!!!!!!!!! :D

Milk!!!!!!! :D

Outside our hostel before heading to the balcony for breakfast :D #enjoy

Some egg roll with kicap :D Not bad also !


My simplest sandwich- egg with ham :D So enjoyinggggg~!~~~~

Mine!! :D


Anqi's sandwich with chicken patty inside :D

US!!! :DD

After breakfast we set off again to continue our journey :))))) Off we go to Sand Island 砂岛 :D

Our cute driver- aka tour guide with us in the photo!! :)))

US!! Miss you guys ady><

After staying for a while off we go to another tourist spot :D I have no idea what is the name for this area><

We have to walk through some woods to reach the beach !! Cool!


I have to grab my skirt all the time because it is soooo windy my skirt could be lifted by the wind lolll

Next we went to this Long Pan Park 龍磐公園 nearby :DDD

Love my girls :DD

You can imagine how windy it is hahahahaha


We tried to take pichas with this cliff but all of us were annoyed by the super strong wind lol Look like some superheros hahaha

Us again hehehee :D

Besides, we also dropped by Eluanbi Park 鹅銮鼻公园 !!

 Unfortunately after we took this photo in front of the entrance it started to rain therefore we went back to our car :(

Our tour guide brought us to this 熊家萬巒豬腳 for lunch!! :D

Not bad but my mum's cooking is better :D

Toooo chewyyy haha

After lunch we went to this National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium :D

This place is quite big that we took a few hours visiting around :)

Stingray :D

Some scary eel :( Like those in the Mermaid movie><

This is also very yucky!! Some worm like fish sticking out of the sand ewwww hahaha

Glowing in the dark hahaha

Me :))

After that we were introduced by our tour guide to this famous Bakery in Kao Shiong >< We left Kenting ady BAIBAIIIII :(

This famous 吳寶春麥方店 Wu-Chun-Bao bakery was well known as the chef Wu Pao Chun had won the world championship in 2010 :))

The scary queue >< Luckily when we reach there the queue is not this long haha


See~~ their breads would be finished in few minutes by the customers once it was out from the oven lol You have to be very fast :)

I bought one of these! Onion bread with cheese!!! Yummmss I like this!! :D

Cindy and her bread :D

Jareil and hers :D

And Anqi with our bread hehe


At last we reached our hostel "Each Family 家家小屋 " at Kaoshiong :))

It is located at some apartment at the middle of the city :))) We have our own bar!!

This place is quite pretty!! There are 5 of us therefore they have us a lot of 2 bedrooms. This is anqi and my bedroom :D

Our dumpsite again haha

This will be the other bedroom :D

Us with the boss haha She was superrrr friendly :))

Me preparing to go out for dinner at Liuhe Night Market  六合夜市 ^^ Our tour guide had a high fever therefore he asked us to take monorail there >< Pity him ><

At the monorail station just beside our place~~so convenient right? ^^ Figuring out where to go haha


Us on some illusionary 3D floor at the monorail haha

We reached Liuhe Night Market!!! :DD

Went in some old school bookstore :D

Oyster is always in my food list hahaha Oyster pau!!

Looks yummy right haha

Tadaa~~ Nothing special though lol

Cheesy delight!!

Cheese with garlic sauce if not wrong :) Quite special but no ooh and aahh still lol

We had ordered this eel mee hahaa I know it looks scary when it is still raw XP

But it turns blackish after it is cooked and tasted chewy~~ Not bad :D

Huge Thai prawns :D

Some porridge coz they wanted something light :)

BBq seafood!

And of course we ordered these oyster!! Yumss :D

Taiwan Famous Coffin Bread haha I have no liking in this ><

The shop we went in is quite old school :DD

Spot them? :))

Them :DD


p.s: pichas credited to me, cindy and anqi :))

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