Saturday, April 20, 2013

[ TAIWAN #DAY 2- 30/3/13 ] (Part 2 ) Rainbow Village, Fo Guang Shan and Kending Street ; 彩虹眷村,佛光山,墾丁

After the Moncoeur we went to this Rainbow Village :D This is a tiny village with colourful unique wall paintings. It was said to be painted by a villager who tried to oppose the demolishing of the village for some government project. The project was cancelled due to his well known painting and therefore the village was declared as a tourist attraction :D 

Us!! :D

The colourful wall paintings there really makes people happy and energetic :)

:D Our pichas always lack of one person :(

Me :D

Some unique drawn postcards there :)

Funny June was asked to wear a bomb head and some funny spectacles hahahaa


Thats my girls haha :DD

Our next destination would be this Fo Guang Shan :D

A very magnificent and tranquil place :)

This place is veryyyy big!! I think to finish this place we need one whole day>< 

Departing for Kenting after that!!! Wuhoooo

We wanted to rush to enjoy the sunset in Kending but we cant make it :( In the end our driver stopped halfway at some random beach for us to enjoy the sunset haha :P

We waited the sun to set :))

Tadaa~~~ After a few hours driving we reach our long awaited place!!! Ken ting!!! :D

We checked in to Xin Fu Xiao Zhan 幸福小栈~~ heheeeee Love this place soo much ^^

Our bathtub where we soak our legs here :D

Quite big :D

Our room with 3 twin beds :D

Our balcony!! It is facing the Kenting Sea so pretty in the morning :DD

Our dumpsite LOL

This hostel is in walking distance to the Kenting Street :DD So nice! After we settled down we walked there to have our dinner!! :D

The street!!! :D Lots of ppl omg :s

There are a number of Thai restaurant there :D

And lots of fresh seafood restaurant :DD

We ordered a popiah thingy from this student chicken bar :D

Yum Yum explosive crispy pork dumpling haha

This fried milk is also very special!! June like this so much haha

It was like this before it fried~~ squary shape~~

But it miraclely transformed to round milk balls!!! So thick and creamy I like this!

There are these gaming machines in most of the night markets and the childrens would be seen sitting on the tiny chair playing :)

Fried mushroom king!!

Spot the big bowl of fried mushroom? :D

Ours!!! Freshly fried so crispy ! I like the pure mushroom taste :D

Me and anqi jie :D

Some fried prawn :D

Looks yummy!!:D

Nom nommmmmm :DD

The cutely decorated lobby in Kenting :)))

-to be continued-

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