Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[ TAIWAN #DAY 2- 30/3/13 ] ( Part 1 ) Xin Zhi Fang Ting (Moncoeur), Tai Zhung ; 心之芳庭

Started our day off with Taiwanese traditional breakfast! We ordered some food from a breakfast stall just downstairs beside our place :)

Some egg chicken floss wrap :D

My milk!


Tadaaa We reached Moncoeur as our first destination :D

Moncoeur is a word from French. The meaning of "Mon" is " I", while "coeur " means "heart'" :)

Our Cindy so yeng travelling around with her sunglasses most of the time :P

A magical path leading us to nowhere :D

We love this LOVE letters :)

Me with my awkward fringe =__=


Its quite pretty inside and some newly weds would come here to have their wedding shoot :) Cute postbox :D

Some flower salt!!

These cute love spoons are so cute I was so tempted at last I bought one to hang there. But i feel stupid now lol SHould have bring back ><

Funny June lol


Cindy and Jareil :D

Bought this haha

And I wrote~

Taddaaa!! May my wish come true :D


This whole place is a thumbs up for teenagers like us. We love the scenery, the buildings and all the places there as it is so pretty and suitable for taking photos. :))

So dreamy and fantasy place we are at :))

Me and anqi jie at some wishing well :D

A cute cottage :D

#Take 1

#Take 2 hahaha Why anqi look so troubled lol

Some wedding shoot going on there and they brought in these cute Volkswagen!! :DD

Pichas credits to me, cindy and anqi :)

To be continued... :D

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XCB said...

Ur wish will come true! Haha ur new fringe look reminds me of ur coysin sis lea