Monday, April 29, 2013

[ TAIWAN #DAY 12- 9/4/13 ] Treasure Hill Artist Village, National Taiwan University & Shi Da Night Market ; 藏宝岩国际艺术村,国立台湾大学 & 师大夜市

Yay this is the only day I travel alone in Taiwan. Four of them are going to 2 cafes each and I decided not to follow them lol solitary haha I googled this the place last minute the morning I decided not to follow them and headed to this Treasure Hill Artist Village 藏宝岩国际艺术村 ^^

There is a temple at the front of the village :D

The village was originally going to be abolished by government for some project but the villagers opposed strongly. The government at last allocated some artist to set their workplace here and transform this village in to a kind of artist village ^^

As this is a place full of artists everything here is very artistic LOL See how they painted and decorated the walls haha

The village looks big but it is actually not that big lol

The post box of the villages here ^^

So old school I likey!!

One of the landscapes is full of weird lamps with legs XD I went there too early>< Should have go there later as it would be prettier if they on the lamps at night T^T

The Dimocarpus Longan tree haha

Then there is this small area where they tie up the bamboo shoots and made them a simple small 3 level pavillion XD

It is abit scary for me because they is no one accompanying me and I seriously thinks that it will fall on me LOL frighting myself LOL

There are a numbers of lightbulbs inside tooo XDXD Should be very romantic at night^^

It looks like this from the outside :))

As it is quite early I barely see any other tourists there haha


Can you see the swimming fishie ? XD 

So unique!!

Guava tree XDXD

This art is called Miso Soup Design haha See how they use the cane to make up these XD

Tiny lego people at the centre ^^

It will look like this at night TT I miss this :(

Sai haha

Not open that day><

尖蚪>< A small cafe I regret I did not go in :(

Tiny lightbulbs XD

I love those artistic drawings ^^

Haha I love this LOL

This is funny LOL "I dont understand but you are very sexy"  LOLL

I love this area ^^

It is so special up there!! Lots os lighting XD 


Leaving the place. I wanted to go back at night but at last lazy LOL

Walking to National Taiwan University 国立台湾大学 nearby XD

Red bricks!!!!

NTU is sooo big that the students there travel by bicycle @.@

Green House^^

This is the famous Royal Palm Blvd. 椰林大道 :))

Row of bicycles haha

Some restaurants :D

There is a beautiful lake here ^^

Sparrows surrounding me for bread haha

Left NTU for 陈三鼎青蛙撞奶 bubble tea introduce by my fren in NTU :D

I walk opposite the street and came to this :D

Lots of people especially students queuing up for this :D

This is quite special because normally the bubbles in bubble tea exist only because of its chewiness. But for this its bubble is in black sugar flavour! Quite special lea!!! :DD

After that I met them at 师大夜市Shi Da Night Market  :D

Ate this Tsu Ji pan fried pau introduced by my fren ^^

Tasted not bad :))))

Shi Da Night Market is a traditional market which is located nearby a university therefore catered for students. They have lots of stalls selling clothes beside food :D Shopping time therefore no more pictures hahaa

-To be continued -


Michelle said...

Such an interesting place! Thanks for introducing it. Am in the midst of planning my trip as well. Just checking, how long did you spend there? The entire day or a couple of hours was suffice? :)

domokun said...

Hi Michelle, for me I think that few ours is sufficient as the place is not that big^^ I recommend you to visit this place at night to sight the colourful lightings there ^^ All the lighbulbs will be on after 6pm if I am not wrong and it would be wonderful ^^

Michy said...

Thanks!! :)

Nathania Lee said...

Hi! May i know how do you go to Treasure Hill Artist Village? Is it far from the train station or any public transport? Thank you!! :)