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[ TAIWAN #DAY 11- 8/4/13 ] Yang Ming Shan, Miao Ban Garden, Cintiangang, Liuhuanggu & Ning Xia Night Market ; 阳明山,苗榜, 擎天崗,硫磺谷 & 宁夏夜市

Hai there XD We will be staying in Taipei for 5 days and originally we are travelling our own in Taipei but we decided to go Yang Ming Shan 阳明山 and it is difficult to travel there by public transportation therefore we rent one more day of our tour guide's van :D

Flower clock at Yang Ming Shan XD

After going Alishan, Yang Ming Shan is like nothing special for us LOLL


Feeding them some bread hhahaa They are not afraid of us one lea haha

A pond in front of the temple :D

Mandarin Ducks!!!! XD

They are super cute!!!

They eat using 2 hands hahaa

This super duper brave dark hop out from the pond to feed LOL

The childrens XD

If it is in season the maple leaves should be in red and whole Yang Ming Shan will be covered with red leaves ><

Next we left for Miao Ban Garden苗榜 to see 海宇 Calla Lily XDXDXD

There are lots of restaurants at this area and these restaurants have their own calla lily farm :))) To get in we must pay a RM15 ticket which could be used for redemption when we dine in XD


Calla Lily!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh then we saw maple leaves inside the garden XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


Calla Lilies!!!!!!!!!

Calla Lilies EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooooo pretty !!!

Maple leaves @@ I cant imagine if the whole place is in red>< I wanted to go back Taiwan for their maple leaves!!

Ninja XD

Me looking sleepy ahahahha

I love this picha :D


Bloody red maple XD

Cinderella and his prince haha

Me and Cindy on the pumpkin cart wuhooo XD


We dined in after taking all the photos and this is the yummiest I have ever eaten!! Cold onions with bonito flakes OMO!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously love this soooo much I gona make this myself TT

Sweet potato soup^^

We order two servings of these Mantou (Steamed Pau) I loVe them so much XDXDXD 

Tofu XD

We are at 擎天崗 CinTianGang :DD

Endless greenssss :))))))))))))))))))))))))

Cows everywhere tooo! Those cows are wild therefore we are warned not to go near them lol


Mt. Zhugao XD

This path supposingly should lead us to some waterfall but we gave up><

Me spoiler spoil their heartshape lol 

The Liuhuanggu!!! 硫磺谷 Sulfur Valley we went next XDDD

Spot the smoke out of the boiling mud?? XDXD

It is veryyyyy smelly there because of the 硫磺 Liuhuang lol Like pee =_=

For dinner, we went to Ning Xia Night Market :D

Even thought we are still early this stall has a very very very long queue already @@ Omg see see the queue @@

They are actually selling yam balls with egg yolks and chicken floss XD Irresistible right hohoho They called them deep fried taro balls with pickled eggs and pork floss & deep fried taro balls XDXD

Normally we share but this time I bought one for myself hahahahaha becasue tooo tempting got my favourite egg yolk and chicken floss XD I dont wana share :( ahhahaha

Liu Yu Zi 刘芋仔 deep fried taro balls with pickled eggs and pork floss 蛋黄芋饼 & deep fried taro香酥芋丸 balls XD 

Nom nom I like these!!! XDXD

The another stall selling idk what lol sorry i forget ady haha

Cabbage and meat in wraps hmn

Another shop selling steamed rolls omg I love them XDXD I bought one for myself too^^

Nomm nommmm I like the yam flavour ones but they coated too much sugar><

Rice cakes XDXD

Something like Carrot cake in Malaysia XD

Sotong ball soup XDXD 

Bubai XD

-To be continued -

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Drops of Contentment said...

Hi there! I found your blog through doing some research for my Taiwan trip on 30th of Oct this year.. just wondering, where exactly is Miao Ban garden in Yangmingshan? Did you take the bus that circles Yangmingshan to get there? I'm hoping to see some red maple leaves too! Hopefully we'll be as lucky as you :)