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[ TAIWAN #DAY 10- 7/4/13 ] Jing Ming, Golden Waterfall, Yehliu Geopark, Jinshan, Tamshui& Ximending ; 景明庭, 黄金瀑布, 野柳地质公园, 金山,淡水&西门町

Good morning in Jiu Fen XDXD Headed to the lobby to have our breakfast :DD

Ahhh so gui fu see my cup of tea XD

My breakfast set :DDD So nice the boss lady made our breakfast one by one T^T

Cheese ham sandwiches with fruits~ Watermelon, tomatoes, kiwi and sweet potato :D Soooo healthy !!!!! I love this XD


There is a balcony but it is so cold no customers dare to dine outside haha But it is very pretty and relaxing the view is soooo nice :))))

After breakfast we depart for Jing Ming 景明庭 :P

A couple of shot on our way :D

Here we are :D

It is just a place where people can get down for a breeze of the fresh air and enjoy the scenic view :)

Our next stop will be this Golden Waterfall  黄金瀑布!!

See it is a huge waterfall @@ 

The gold rocks are formed due to some chemical reaction and they said the water is poisonous. Supposingly it is forbidden to go down but these photographers just cannot resist its beauty lol

Baibai and we left for Yehliu Geopark!! :D

Here we are the Yehliu Geopark 野柳地质公园!!!!

Out first stop in the park is this Cute Princess :D Any idea what are we seeing?? hahaha


Tadaaa :D Yup This park is amazingly awesome as it is a rock landscape XD We can see all types of sedimentary rocks here which is formed due to wave and wind :))))))

Me and the Cute Princess hahaha Looks more like it from this angle :)

Wuhoooo Can you see what I see :DDD So magnificent I have never seen anything like this before !!!

Cant wait to walk there already :DD

Tadaaa~~~~~~~~ Sooooo bigggggg willl it crush on me @@

Cindy up there~

And me at the bottom haha :D

<3 Amazing!!!!!!

There are these people in charge who forbid us to touch the rocks while taking photos. They have this loud magnifier and keep shouting when they spot someone touching or leaning on the rocks. Quite funny but veryyyy noisy hahahaa

Spot the heart shape rock floating? teheeeeee

This picha is abit confusing :s

Heart shape on the ground haha

Some fossil OMG

I am the only one walking up the stairs haha

Can typically see the whole Yehliu Geopark from up here :D

Can you spot the parrot head? XDXD

Can u see the leopard ? :D

After we finish the visit we came out and walked through this street where they sell lots of food and snacks!!!

Slurps!!! :D

After that it is lunch time!!! Our tour guide brought us to this restaurant at JinShan 金山 where we have to snatch for our own food@@

I bought this barley for my papa :D

Jin Shan is famous for their sweet potato ^^

This is the restaurant we are in now!! We try to find a seat first before taking the food :D There are two blocks of building with 3 floors each AND its all full!!! :(

Me and June waiting for the others to get food :D Curious? Haha In this restaurant we could not order food from the waiters and to get food we must walk across the road to another block of building where customers grab those plates of dishes from the cashiers and then bring them back to our seats @@ Weird huh? lol

Here they are !!! Thanks guys <3 ^^

Some super soft fried fish!!!!

Ahhh This is yummeh XDXD

Fried prawns XDXD

Slurps XD

Plate of mee for 2 person LOL The portion is so big luckily we ordered one only haha

Their famous duck hohooo Quite juicy I like it XDXD

Big pieces of bamboo shoots I love them XD

XDXD A table of food cost us RM71 Quite reasonable :))

I went downstairs for a walk wanted to capture some photos :D

You can see that customers are taking their own food to their seats XD

The place where they get their food is actually in front of a temple idk what name :)

Lots of people there getting their food Jareil said that when they get ours there are far more people snatching food LOL Once the food is served on the table it will vanish in 5 seconds lol Literally no time for you to think what is this and whether this is what you want LOL

The people now is lesser already. The people there are using big ladles to scoop these food out of big bins. The customers including us looks like refugees =____=

Soup also got LOL

They are bringing the food out lol Seriously amazing because I have never seen something like this lol Customers have to walk a couple of blocks over for the restaurant @@

Sweet potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet potato balls XD

Matcha, cactus and dragonfruit ice cream hahaa

We bought this coal roasted sweet potato to share :DDD Yummssss!! We are grateful to be at JinShan to see these unforgettable scenes and we are told that normally Jinshan is a place where the travelers would not come. Most of the people here are from local and we are grateful to experience their unique culture here ^^

Our next stop theTamshui XDXD

This will be the lover's bridge XDXD

*waiting for the sunset as usual* hahaha


XD this picha is abit funny june and jareil are leaning against Anqi LOL

Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf XD

Ang Ang dog XDXD

They are real!!! Not the dog lah ahaha

Stalking this little guy <3

I like how the water reflects the light XD

Behind would be this Tamshui Street XD

The sun is hiding behind the clouds ady ><


Bright XD

Bubbles XDXDXD

Bubai sun XDXD

Bubai Tamshui :))

We were exhausted and checked in our last hotel in Taipei. This Taipei 365 is just situated opposite the Ah Chung Mee Suah 阿宗面线 at Ximending 西门町 XDXD

I sleep at the sofa at the far left myself where Anqi is sitting XD

And the others sleep in these 2 twin beds XD I cant sleep with them because I snatch blankets in the midnight and roll myself up according to them LOL

So happy we have this personal washing machine!!! Hurray XDXD

We went to Ximending for dinner XD

I ate this fish mee soup yumssss XD


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