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[ TAIWAN #DAY 1- 29/3/13 ] Tai Chung - Feng Jia Night Market ;台中-逢甲夜市

Taiwan trip post!!! Just came back from Taiwan last Friday night therefore ended my 2 weeks Taiwan Trip with my Sunway buddies. :) This is indeed a memorable trip as it is also our graduation trip :D I am quite contented with the places we visited as our papa-like van driver aka tour guide brought us to lots of interesting and unforgettable places with jaw-drop scenery :)) A true guide to Taiwan I would say eliminating all those typical tourist commercialized attractions. My up coming posts would be all the places we visited and I would highly recommend some of them in the posts for backpackers :))

Below would be our 2 weeks itinerary and the places we stay prepared and provided by our tour guide beforehand for our preparation. I will UPDATE this when I update the following post :)

  1. [ TAIWAN #DAY 1- 29/3/13 ] Tai Chung - Feng Jia Night Market ;台中-逢甲夜市
  2. [ TAIWAN #DAY 2- 30/3/13 ] ( Part 1 ) Xin Zhi Fang Ting (Moncoeur), Tai Zhung ; 心之芳庭
  3. [ TAIWAN #DAY 2- 30/3/13 ] (Part 2 ) Rainbow Village, Fo Guang Shan and Kending Street ; 彩虹眷村,佛光山,墾丁
  4. [ TAIWAN #DAY 3- 31/3/13 ] Kenting Beach, Sand Island, Long Pan Park, Eluanbi Park, National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, Wu-Chun-Bao Bakery & Liuhe Night Market ; 垦丁海边,砂岛, 龍磐公園, 鹅銮鼻公园,垦丁海生馆, 吳寶春麥方店 & 六合夜市
  5. [ TAIWAN #DAY 4- 1/4/13 ] Eternity Suspension Bridge, Fenqihu & Alishan ; 天长地久桥, 奋起湖 & 阿里山
  6. [ TAIWAN #DAY 5- 2/4/13 ] Alishan, Monster Village and Sun Moon Lake ; 阿里山,妖怪村 & 日月潭
  7. [ TAIWAN #DAY 6- 3/4/13 ] The European Palace Garden and Aboriginal Culture Village & Carton King ;九族文化村&纸箱王
  8. [ TAIWAN #DAY 7- 4/4/13 ] Qing Qing Farm, Wu Lin, Hehuanshan, Swallow Grotto, Shakadang Trail & ZhiQiang night market ; 青青草原,武嶺 , 合欢山,燕子口, 砂卡礑步道 &自强夜市
  9. [ TAIWAN #DAY 8- 5/4/13 ] Cingshui Cliffs,Suhua Highway, Nan Fang Ao, National Center for Traditional Arts & Luo Dong Night Market ; 清水断崖, 蘇花公路,南方澳, 國立傳統藝術中心 & 罗东光观光夜市
  10. [ TAIWAN #DAY 9- 6/4/13 ] Wushih Harbour Visitor Centre,Mr. Brown Cafe Castle, Fulong Station, Shifen Old Street & Jiufen; 烏石港遊客中心, 頭城城堡咖啡館, 福隆车站,十分老街 & 九分
  11. [ TAIWAN #DAY 10- 7/4/13 ] Jing Ming, Golden Waterfall, Yehliu Geopark, Jinshan, Tamshui& Ximending ; 景明庭, 黄金瀑布, 野柳地质公园, 金山,淡水&西门町
  12.  [ TAIWAN #DAY 11- 8/4/13 ] Yang Ming Shan, Miao Ban Garden, Cintiangang, Liuhuanggu & Ning Xia Night Market ; 阳明山,苗榜, 擎天崗,硫磺谷 & 宁夏夜市
  13. [ TAIWAN #DAY 12- 9/4/13 ] Treasure Hill Artist Village, National Taiwan University & Shi Da Night Market ; 藏宝岩国际艺术村,国立台湾大学 & 师大夜市
  14. [ TAIWAN #DAY 13 ~15 - 10~12/4/13 ] Wu Fen Pu, Daughter's Cafe, Dazzling Cafe,Sisi South Village, Shilin Night Market&Maokong Gondola ; 五分铺, 朵儿咖啡馆, Dazzling Cafe, 四四南村, 士林夜市& 貓空纜車

3/31 ()  [B&B 家家小屋]
4/1 ()  [B&B 櫻山飯店]
4/2 ()  [B&B 日月潭愛之屋民]
4/3 ()  [B&B 新樂園民宿 楼中楼5人套房]
4/4 () [B&B 七星海民宿]
4/6 ()  [B&B 溫莎堡 函馆]
4/7 - 4/11 ()[B&B  travel 365 (5 nights ) ]
4/5 ([B&B 川湯養生會館]


Our very first meal after the 4 hrs flight would be at this "Lazy to Cook " Hakka Mee Restaurant (懒得煮客家面食馆)our tour guide brought us :D

Some tempting looking side dishes :)

My all girls trip mates - Anqi, June and Jareil :D

Plus Cindy and ME ! :D

We tried out the taufu and the bearded dragon dish (龙须菜)~ both eatable haha

My duck mee soup :DD This bigggg bowl of hot soup is so fulfilling and enjoying in the cold weather :)

Bihun mushroom soup they order :)


Our room in Doris B & B (陶樂絲花園) we stayed for our first night :)

I didnt take anymore pichas the place we stayed therefore I grabbed this picha from the internet :P This would be how our room looks like but with 3 double beds. The location is quite good as it is just minutes away from Feng Jia Night Market :D

Visited Feng Jia Night Market for dinner and shopping!!! :D

We ordered lots of this Braised Snacks (卤味) at one of the long queued stalls :D

End up stuffing my stomach mostly with the small intestine and gizzards of duck I think lol

Some sotong stuffed with rice Anqi ordered :)

Ahh scallops I like these hehe

Sea salt flavoured scallop so fresh and juicy ^^

Trying out some steamed muachi :D

No idea why everyone's eyes are so tiny in this picha lol

Some advice : After travelling in Taiwan for more than 2 weeks, I still prefer Feng Jia Night Market as my shopping heaven as the clothes and accessories there are still the cheapest compared to other night market. Wu Fen Pu is also shop-able but its price range will be higher while Xi Men Ding has a lesser variety of clothing and higher prices. Therefore girls, it would be a wise choice to stay near Feng Jia on the last few days of your trip for shopping haul AND also to avoid the trouble carrying our shopping goods from the 1st day til the last day of your trip like us lol

pichas credit to me, cindy & annger :)

-End of Day 1 -

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