Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I miss you gorr. After your exams I own you. *evil smile*

Monday, April 29, 2013

[ TAIWAN #DAY 13 ~15 - 10~12/4/13 ] Wu Fen Pu, Daughter's Cafe, Dazzling Cafe,Sisi South Village, Shilin Night Market&Maokong Gondola ; 五分铺, 朵儿咖啡馆, Dazzling Cafe, 四四南村, 士林夜市& 貓空纜車

[ TAIWAN #DAY 13- 10/4/13 ] Wu Fen Pu 五分铺

On our 13th day we went to Wu Fen Pu for shopping XDXD It is a shopping heaven like Bugis in Singapore or like Sungei Wang in Time Square. However it is open air so be ready to prepare an umbrella. It was raining that day we went lol And remember that the shops opened at only 12pm LOL

[ TAIWAN #DAY 14- 11/4/13 ] Daughter's Cafe, Dazzling Cafe, Sisi South Village & Shilin Night Market  ;  朵儿咖啡馆, Dazzling Cafe, 四四南村 & 士林夜市

I have been longing to go to this daughter's cafe 朵儿咖啡馆 since I watch the movie 第三十六个故事!! And at last I was so happy that I have the chance to visit it which is the place they took their scene Wuhoo!! I will write another separate post for this :D

After the Daughter's Cafe we went to this famous Dazzling Shop to taste their famous honey toast!!! :DD

I will write a particular post for this restaurant too ^^

After this 2 restaurant we went to this Sisi South Village 四四南村! We are so exhausted reaching there as it was raining and most of the people do not know about this place LOL Besides, we took bus  and train and walk there for a very long time and almost gave up. Thank god LOL

Saw the 好丘 Good Cho's letter there? That is it XD

Some awesome photography :)

So nice they provide customers umbrella for use :D But have to return lah for sure haha

They have this small drama going on therefore the promoting posters are everywhere :)

This guy is quite cute^^ hahaha

Me!!!!!! :D

Going deeper inside there is a small shop selling cute stuff before the Good Cho's Cafe :)

They use fridge to display their postcards!! :D

Good Cho's is famous for their varieties of bagels!!!!

Alot right @@

Should have try one. lol

We did not stop by for tea therefor had a walk around the area :D

Can you spot Taipei 101? Waooo :DD It is so near from there ^^

Then we get back inside and took some photos again ahahaha

After that we went Taipei 101 for a walk and then since there is nothing to see there we went to Shilin Night Market for dinner :DDDD

This would be the famous Hot Star Large Fried Chicken 豪大大鸡排 :DDDDD

Super big chicken, even bigger than our Shilin Taiwan XXL Chicken in KL lolll

We went to the underground street for food and I was so surprised that it was flooded with soooo many people >< We found a place to sit down for dinner :))

The pork keutiao clear soup :)

And my stink tofu!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not bad hhohohohoh :DDDD

After the Shilin Night Market we went back to Ximending for A Zhong Mee Suah hahaha :D

[ TAIWAN #DAY 15- 12/4/13 ] Maokong Gondola  貓空纜車

This will be our last day in Taiwan already :( We do not want to miss our last day therefore me and Annger went to sit the Maokong Gondola introduced by them :D

It was raining and super cold lol

As we were there too early and we were rushing, we did not actually go down the station further down  >< There are actually some streets at each station :))

Our last lunch in Taipei :(

Tomato eggs XD

And our 鲁肉饭 Lo Bak Peng Yumms :D


Boarding XDXD

A picha I took on the plane :) 

Bubai Taiwan :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

-The end of My 15 days Taiwan trip -

For overall I used up to RM5k for everything including meals, flights, stays and also our private van for 11 days :)) I could have save more for food as most of the time we ate at restaurant which I think it is not a must for us >< I never expect to eat in restaurants as I wanted to utilize my money lol Nevermind haha My priority will never be the food but more places I could visit :) Therefore 5 k is certainly enough and I think it is cheaper than travelling with travelling agencies. Besides, we could always opt the time staying at one place and get to experience something different which we could not by tour :) Thanks to our sweet tour guide Tony Lin :)))