Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentine at Journal by Plan B @ Publika :)

We decided to have a try with this Journal by Plan B for our first Valentine!! :D 

The old school menu :D

The nice comfy ambiance there :D 


Carbonara Spaghetti !!! :D  It's super tasty!!Just like the way it looks :DDD

They have this abundance of roasted mushroom and ham and loads of cheese perfectly matched with the tick carbonara sauce!!! I love this so much!! The carbonara sauce is so thick and creamy I super likey!!!! :D

We ordered this home-made salt beef sandwich with home made chips!! Its a big set!! yay!!

Yummss!!! Super like their crispy potato and yam chips!!! Yummeh so fresh and crispy!! I love this!! :D

Wholemeal sandwich with gherkins. Ooops we arent a fan of gherkin. It tasted like metal to me so we just left it there :P

Fresh salad with some nuts!! Tasted not bad!! :D

 The salt beef!! Big portions of fresh beef with spicy mustard! A bit dry but the beef quite fresh!!

I added lots of mustard because its a bit tasteless hahaa I am so unhealty =.=

I ordered Cappocino! :D

Authentic coffee :))

Me new bag hahahaha :D


US!!!! I love you gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D ^^

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