Monday, March 18, 2013

Spaghetti Buffet Dating @ Secret of Louisiana ( Seafood Steak Cajun Style ) , Plaza Kelana Jaya

Hi guys!! At last I am blogging about this quite well known Italian Cuisine which has been in my draft a few weeks ago. So good of my boyfie he fulfill my wish by bringing me here for the spaghetti buffet. Yay!! I had been longing to have this spaghetti buffet but unfortunately it is only available on weekdays and both of us could not get a day free out of our hectic classes. At last after my exams we are able to come here on my first holiday haha HURRAY!! Here we are in Secret of Louisiana. We had this spaghetti buffet and we tried 7 out of 8 types spaghetti wuhoooo :D

This is the EAT ALL YOU CAN spaghetti buffet I have been longing about haha :D 
The price is VERY reasonable at RM15.50 ++. 

It comes with
              • Unlimited spaghetti serving (Serve you plate per plate)
              • Refillable iced lemon tea
              • Free flow soup of the day
              • Free flow garden green salad
              • Ice cream of the day
              • English hot tea
              • Hot brewed coffee.

We reached there quite early and as their buffet lunch starts at 11.30am, we took quite a lot of photos XP

They have other lunch menus too. This price is VERY reasonable! Shall try those one day.hmnn

My boyfie ♥

Me posing with the lake. The scenery is very nice there! Quite romantic one leah! :D


Spot some unique decos there! There are some decorative car number plate on the wall as deco!

Inside of the restaurant there is this self serving corner with mushroom soup, salad, coffee and tea.

Soup of the day for today is MUSHROOM SOUP! :D

My helpful boyfie! :D

Yummssss Crispy garlic bread!! Match well with their mushroom soup :D

Ingredients of the salad :D

Coffee :D

The bar inside the restaurant :D

YAY! Our mushroom soup and some garlic bread :D

The garlic bread is very crispy!!! Certainly match well with their thick mushroom soup :)

We sit outside the restaurant because it is more romantic with the lake hahaa Quite customer friendly as it is not sunny at all with all those shed :D

My bf first plate of spaghetti :D Carbonara Chicken!!!

Yummsss!! This is really yummy he love this the most! This is so creamy!! The sauce was quite thick I love this too!! He ordered 2 plates for this hahaa

Carbornara Chicken!!! Their chicken is quite crispy too I like it!! I am so hungry now :(

My first order would be this creamy pesto white fish spaghetti !! The pesto taste was not that thick compared to the other Italianese Restaurant. I super love its white fish!! Sadly this is the only spaghetti with fish >< I love their crispy soft yummy fish !! :D

I really like this ><

My black coffee :D

This is my second order the chicken smoked sausage!! This one tasted like our homemade spaghetti with those Prego Sauce. haha Not bad though :D

With cheese powder on top and abundance of smoked sausage :) My boyfie likes this ^^

This would be my boyfie's 2nd spaghetti beef bolognaise :D It looks different with the picture in the menu haha

This one taste alike with the chicken smoked sausage spaghetti :) Not bad!

This is my Mexican Aglio Olive :D Compared to my boyfie we have different liking in spaghetti. I like these light sauce olive oil tossed spaghetti while he loves spaghetti in red sauce :)

This is quite yummy!! I love the combination herbs and garlic and olive oil in this :D Thumbs up!! 

My boyfie serving us ice lemon tea haha

This would be the Pasta Vongolle :D They gave me 2 fresh big Italian Clams :D 

Yumss yumsss I just love the herbs :D

This will be the Cajun Garlic Shrimp! The shrimps are super super ultimately fresh!! I love this alot!!

This is definitely a must try item! The shrimps are so sweet and fresh and well cooked! Match well with the lightly flavoured spaghetti Oohh I love this!!

At last before we pay we get this complementary pistachio ice cream!! So yummy and refreshing!!

The scenery from the restaurant :D

It would be super romantic at night I think :D

Me and my boyfie♥


This is indeed a fulfilling lunch. :D Although the ingredients are quite little it is okay as you can always order another plate for yourself! Me and my boyfie ate 4 plates each hahaa I am sure I will be back for another round of spaghetti buffet :D It is super easy to reach there. If you are coming from One Utama, make a u-turn after u saw Paradigm mall and it will be on your left side after the turning ^^ Yumssssssssssssss :D

Location :
Block D-01-01,
 Jalan SS7/13A, Plaza Kelana Jaya,
 47301 Petaling Jaya, 
Malaysia  Plaza Kelana Jaya,
 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
03-7875 5230

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