Thursday, March 14, 2013

Movie Review: The Call

I am just back from watching "The Call" Premier in Tropicana City Mall and I would like to recommend this movie to you guys. This would be the trailer.


 It started off with Jordan (Halle Berry) who works as a 911 operator who received a call from a girl whose house was broken in by a prowler. When Jordan calls back to the girl when the line was cut off, the prowler heard the ringing and therefore the girl was found by the kidnapper. Jordan failed to save her and few days later the girl's corpse was found. Jordan was upset. 6 months later she received a similar call from an abducted girl who was trapped in the trunk of the car. And now, Jordan must confront a killer in the past to save this girl.

The whole movie was intense and exciting from the start till the end. It is a little bit disturbing when the scene of the call center describes how frustrating this operators are when they are handling life and between the dead and the living. The calls constitute of gunshots accidents, suicides, burglaries, prowlers, kidnapping cases and the like; and something could happen and someone could die if the operators made a mistake handling these calls.Mistakes cost lives.In this movie, it shows how the kidnapping case goes on and how Jordan save the girl. But we all know in real life we would not be so lucky. This movie indeed reminds us to be more careful and attentive especially girls.

Recommended!!! :D


Today is Pink Day!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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