Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MAI CNY CELEBRATION (PART 2) @ Jeju Korean Restaurant & Black Ball , Taman Bukit Indah

Yay!! My cousin sister Lee Yi drove for about half an hour from Pekan Nanas to Bukit Indah for movie!! After we bought tickets for A Day to Die Hard movie we went for lunch at Jeju Korean Restoran, just situated at the opposite of Jusco Bukit Indah :D

Girls just cant help themselves with korean food  :))))

From the left : Me, Jia Jia, Lee yi and Jia Yee :D 


Spot my tattoo? HAHAHAH

Side dishes!!!

This is ridiculous!!! We have 15 refillable side dishes OMG The first time in my lifetime I had 15 side dishes loll AWESOME!!

Looks so appetizing!! We refilled kimchi twice hahaaa Love their juicy kimchi!! :D

We ordered a set with kimchi soup, 3 portion of bbq pork and a pan cake! 

Kimchi soup!! All of us love this so much!! :DDD Dried up everything till the bottom lol Spicy and sour enough with abundance of ingredients inside! :))

A big kimchi pan cake!! Love this also. Quite yummy and special ! There is an abundance of kimchi inside makes the pancake sourish! Love this!

Spot 3 types of pork? Hahaa I forgot their names XP

The waiter there helping us to bbq the meat Yumsss!!

We ordered this additional dish as Leeyi has been dying to have this since her last attempt. I forgot what is the name of this dish already. It was quite yummy to wrap those meat with some kimchi in the chinese cabbage! However, we are already to full with all these good food :( We da bao back some of them LOLL It is even satisfying when we found that they gave us an ice cream each!! SO NICE they gave the customers a free ice cream stick when we are finished!!!!


Heard that blackball was quite famous in Johor.Its like snowfalkes in KL lol

We ordered 2 corn flavoured ice :) Not bad I think haha. The corn one taste a bit weird for me because I dunt like corn XPP

Our homemade Poon Choi by my Ah Yi! First time tasting one I love the gravy haha

Girls being girls LOL

Lao Sang!!!!

A mess! haha

At night we start lighting up some sky lanterns! :))

Writing our wishes !! :D


baibaiii :)))

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