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Hj Sharin Low Seafood Restaurant @Bukit AntaraBangsa, Ampang

Hi Guys!!! Yay!! Me and Annger get to join a food tasting session at JH Sharin Low Seafood Restoran at Bukit Antarabangsa. This is a Chinese Muslim restaurant (Masakan Khas Cina Muslim) and this is my very first time trying out in these restaurant :))

From the outside it looks like those authentic old school restaurant where there are some weather beaten experienced chefs behind. This restaurant has been in business for 4 years :)

Their menu. Currently they have 3 branches in Bukit Antarabangsa, Sri Gombak and Harbour Palace. The owner of the shop, HJ Sharin Low told us that 2 more branches will be opened soon in Puncak Alam and Cahaya SPK! :DD

Their menu! 

The price quite reasonable right? :)

This is our first dish - Nyonya Steam Norway Emerald Fish . This is seriously very good. Highly recommended!!! The fish was perfectly done and it is very fresh. Its nyonya gravy is the appetite opener which is so good eaten with the steamed rice!!I love it so much. :) Will order this again next time I come :D

The sourish and spicy nyonya gravy is indeed irresistible :)

This would be the Hong Kong steamed Norway Emerald Fish . After tasting this fish this is indeed satisfying as the fish was sooooo fresh and soft! It is well steamed therefore its flesh is so fresh and it goes well with the fried garlic particularly. :) This way of cooking needed the most skills because the customers can easily taste its fishy taste (bau hanyir) when it is over-steamed or when the fish is not fresh because it does not have heavily tasted gravy to cover the defect of the fish. Thumbs up !


This would be the Ginger Lala Soup. The clear soup with heavily gingery taste amazed me :D

An abundance of Lala :)

The highly recommended salted egg crab! This is so tasty. The crabs are well wrapped with the salted eggs and deep fried. It is soooo crispy I love this! I have never tasted any crabs crispier than this. lol It is so crispy that I can just munch the whole upper body of the crab! 

The aroma is superb! Unlike other restaurant their salted crab is always oily. This one is nicely done. I ate like 4 of them. Hahahha #bueypaiseh

Ying Yong Prawns which means prawns with 2 types of cooking. One will be the butter prawns, while the other would be the dark soy sauce prawns :)

Ahh I like the fluffy fried egg yolks which goes well with their crispy fresh prawns :)

Their Soy Sauce prawns are not bad too. Salty-ish I like it. :D

I would recommend this also! This is the Champion Chicken where its name came from the Champagne Chicken. The Chef uses white grape sparkling juice(non alcoholic) to made this dish. The flavour of this dish is quite special and tasty. A bit of sweet with a bit of sourish taste makes me addicted. And one more of its good point is that they used boneless chicken. ^^ Nom Nomm :D

Yummss!! :D

This is the fried Kam Hiong beef. This is definitely an appetite opener! It is heavily tasted and well matched with these tender beef pieces. Definitely awesome.

Our last dish would be this Loh Hon Zai. Mix and match with green peas, carrots, mushrooms, fu chok, cauliflower, broccoli and green pepper. Its a very healthy dish after eating all the other dishes.

Not bad!

The Norway Emerald Fish is the fish we tasted today. This fish has been scientifically proved to have higher amounts of omega-6 acids generally and AA specifically than both salmon and trout! Its Omega 6 helps to keep us more healthy by lowering our blood pressure, acne (for me ><) and lots of diseases! Regret I didn't eat more for the sake of my pimples.haha

The  Norway emerald fish with the Omega-6!

Say Hi!! :D

The restaurant.

Its quite clean and cooling surrounded by trees. :)

Where we sat :D

Chef Wan's daughter Serina came here before!!! And so is Jalan Jalan Cari Makan TV3. It even appeared in TV3 before. 

Our group photo :D

In a nutshell this would be a nice dining place for Muslim and for Chinese. The taste of the dishes would never lose to any other chinese restaurant. The dishes are authentic chinese dishes and taste better and reasonable compared to some other Chinese restaurant. Available for wedding dinners accommodate up to 25 tables. :) Not bad! :)

  • Address :
  • Hj Sharin Low Seafood Restaurant
  • No 1, Lorong Wangsa 5A, Taman Bukit Jaya, Bukit Antarabangsa
  • 68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

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