Saturday, March 16, 2013

Graduated. Yay or Nay?

Yay My last semester of my degree ended 2 weeks ago after my last exam. ^^ Accepted the fact that I will have no chance having lectures anymore :( End of my student life! I miss them already :(  But I will be free from my examinations forever already!! Yay! ( if and only if I am not taking ACCA which I probably will be taking DUH lol) Currently slacking at home having outings - surfing the net - giving tuition lol Still not ready to find  a job yet because I will be going to Taiwan with my Sunway buddies for 2 weeks!!! Yayyy!! XDXD Secretly hoping that my tuition fees can cover a loafer like me haha Slack first till I am back from Taiwan only then I will find a job :P

The below would be some photos we took on our last day in Uni :)

All- girls gang haha

Photo with Jareil and Aaron :) The only guy in our group will be him haha

KeXin, Angie, me, June, Jareil and Munn Yinn^^

Skinny Ke Xin and me! :D 

With Shannon, our Leadership lecturer :)

Since it was our last exam we went karaoke and had a small surprise for June as the day was her birthday too :)

Like this shot :D

We bought this gree tea cake from RT Pastry!!! hehe Yummssss with red bean! :D

Happy birthday June!!

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