Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bestie Meetup @ Kaffa Espresso Bar, Damansara Utama (Uptown )

Yay!! At last me and Joey get to meet up before her clinical placement. She was so busy with her work, her boyfie and gym and I was so busy in my exams and assignments we hardly get to meet up lol We wanted to have a teatime somewhere near and Joey found this cute and nice Kaffa Espresso Bar at Damansara Utama which was quite near to our house haha Yay! It started its business in Jan that's why I never heard of this awesome place for teatime before!

Their basic menu! 

Some other special menus are on the old school chalkboard :D

And some menus outside the shop :)

ooh I love the ambience so much <3 So relaxing with the romantic lighting haha


Our cute table number :)

Joey ordered this milky hot latte. The owner of the shop told us that their coffee beverage such as latte and cappuccino would taste more towards milky type as their boss love its beverage a bit milkier than it is supposed to be. So for milk lovers please do visit this to have a try!!

This is my cappuccino!! I love the cute latte art wuhoo!! The smiley face made my day! :D

Same as the latte, this cappuccino has a milkier taste then it is supposed to be. It might be yummy for those people who do not like the heavy coffee taste but loves cappuccino. :D Not bad not bad :)

Here comes our sandwich! This would be the Turkey Ham, Brie & Apple Triple - Decker Sandwich !

Their mashed potato was soo milky I love it!!! I love it I love it I love this !! :D

Oohh I like their salad! Simple and fresh with some olive oil and vinegar :)

This is quite special for me as I have not tried to eat a sandwich with apples. I didn't know it match very well with brie and turkey ham!! :D

This is a simple sandwich with tomato, brie cheese, some preserved apples, some fresh cabbage! Simple and light sandwich. The serving is quite big and it is just nice for both of us haha Good 

We are treated their chef's special cappuccino mushroom !! So happy we have this opportunity to try their specialty!! :D

At first we thought this is some kind of cappuccino but when we search through the menu we found this mushroom cappuccino is under the chef's recommendation! Omaigod unbelievable :D Never try something like this before --> mushroom soup with cappuccino foam on top! So special! 

See!! Underneath the foam there is this thick creamy mushroom soup!!! :D

 This is highly recommended!! I love the taste with the creamy thick mushroom soup!! Somehow it matched well with the foam and it is smells quite good! We can order this to surprise our friend haha Nice!! I will order this again next time for sure!! :D

Me!! :D


Cute corner with a cute decorative painting :)

Some old school decorative item I found beside the cashier!



Some nicely painted old school painting on brick walls! :D

Some delicious looking pastries and cakes! :D

Saw some customers order their pastries wana try next time! :)

There is this unique wallpaper outside for customers to camwhore haha Btw, this is our only group photo LOL We forgot to take a photo of us :(

The outside of Kaffa Espresso Bar :)


It is so easy to find this cafe in Uptown. It is located at the same row of Village Park Nasi Lemak, just further down. Yummy I will go back for comfortable ambiance and food :)

Address :
97 Jalan SS 21/37, 
Damansara Utama, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

Bai bai for now !! :D

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