Friday, March 29, 2013

Tokyo Kitchen @ Setiawalk, Puchong

Yay!! Thanks to Food Director me and Annger had this opportunity to have another tasting session with other bloggers at Tokyo Kitchen which is situated in Setiawalk.

Tokyo Kitchen is an authentic Japanese restaurant which emphasizes on healthy meals and comfortable Japanese-like comfortable simple dining restaurant :)

Their menus :D

Ahhh they have this reasonable set lunch there too! Will try them on my next visit :)

Simple design :))

Cuteeeee :D

Explaining the concept and their signature dishes!

Wuhooo!! The first one would be their Long Salmon Sushi !!  Incredible! I have never seen or eaten something like this before! Special right :D

The salmon is quite fresh for me and I would like something like this for my next order because it is like the combination of sashimi and salmon sushi. I get to taste the authentic taste of the freshness of this salmon sashimi and also the salmon sushi! nom nom :D One stone kills two birds haha

This will be their signature dishes ~~~ Roasted Salmon Cheese Rice Set~! OMG So tempting even just looking at it!!!!

This one was damn satisfying I tell you!! The burning cheese suits well with the fresh roasted salmon! Sinful sinful sinful omg!

Their Roasted Chicken Cheese Set! This one is more flavourful and sinful then the salmon roasted set because it has the terriyaki sauce flavour for this heheee I love this too!!  I love cheese with everything! Do you? hahah


This one will be the lighter dish the Magic Sushi Ball. It consist of three cute tiny sushi balls of fresh Salmon, Red tuna & White Tuna Sushi Ball with shrimp rice! A nice tiny portion for a quite bite!

Tadaaa~~~ The magnificant dish ~~ The Tairyo Sushi (Big)!

This platter of sashimi is soooo big! It consisted of 20 pieces of 20g thick fresh various type of sashimi! NOM NOM

I could say that it is very fresh! They told us that each pieces is at 20g thick to maintain the consistency of thickness and also for customers to savour the taste and freshness of the sashimi! How thoughtful of them!!

TAADAA~~ My first time eating a sushi as big as this! Omaigod~ This is their specialties also~~the Dinosaur Sushi!

Looks so tempting right with the super big dinosaur size salmon piece haha The smaller salmon sushi beside will be our normal sushi lol They gave us this for us to compare its abnormal size of this salmon sushi! haha

As you can see for the side, there are some crab meat, eggs and cucumbers inside the rice! Good idea as we would not be bored eating the whole big portion of rice :P


Me and the dinosaur sushi!!

Here comes the most awesomeness of all~ They have this inhouse specialty dish, the so call Salmon Fiesta~

Consisting of 24 raw and cooked salmon sushi with 12 varieties of different toppings :D How could you not be tempted by these ><

It is a good idea as we are able to taste a different way of presenting for salmon sushi :D

Fresh and creative! :D Can try! :) I would order this if I am here with a group of friends!! :D

Ahhh this is not on the menu yet. The salmon pan fried Gyoza! Nom nom

Quite crispy and it suites well with the black vinegar provided. Like our chinese fried dumpling right? :D But this is with salmon!!

This is not on the menu yet but coming soon! The deep fried salmon Gyoza!!

I like this more coz this is more crispy and flavourful compared to the pan-fried one.Most of all it is eaten with their Mayonnaise haha Mayonnaise match well with everything lol

Ohh! This is very special too! Recommended! Tokyo Kitchen Special Roll!!

This is quite special and crunchy as it is wrapped with crispy fried tiger prawn roll, topped with unagi, mango, shrimp roe and most special of all the PEANUT SAUCE! Interesting right? :D

The last but not least~~ The Chicken Katsu Japanese Curry Rice~ We were quite full when this came but we managed to finish most of it as we love its crispy deep fried chicken and authentic curry sauce :))

Annger and me :))

Me alone!!haha

Our dessert!! Sesame and Green Tea Ice cream!!!Omaigod><

Seriously, you should never miss this! Homemade is indeed homemade! I cant resist its thick creamy taste of these ice cream!! The taste was wonderful><

The ambience and deco of the restaurant :))

Simple and comfortable ~ They told us that the concept would be on the Japanese authentic restaurant in Japan :D

Ahh forgot to tell you that for sure you will not miss this restaurant as there are hundreds of wishing wooden tags in front!

I wanted to make one too :( They said that the dining customers will have a chance to write one of theirs and being hung up! 

The Tokyo Kitchen!! :D


My ootd haha