Sunday, February 10, 2013

Online Shopping Review :

Yay!! This is my very first time I bought something with quality and cheap from the internet!! :D I read about this online shopping website from some blogs but only really decide to try purchasing after my bestie Joey strongly recommend me about it.She and her friends bought lots of clothes and shoes from this website and I found out that the quality wise is good too. So coincidentally they offer this free postage for purchases exceeding RM48 I am so tempted to try out! 

Besides I found that Nile have this COD service which means customer on delivery where if you pay some money they will go straight to your door without you bearing the risk of losing your goods. So nice right? Nile have this lowest price guarantee too working in a way that you could get compensation of the difference if you found somewhere else selling the same item at  a lower price! Wuhhooo Daebakkkk XD

My parcel reach on the 4th working day!! So eggcited!! :D

Thanks to !!

Tadaa~~The rivet bag I bought from nile :D

Quality wise not bad! Spot the skull rivets heheeeee

Loving the details of my bag^^

Cant help I just can't stop to snap so many photos lol

The compartment is quite big :)) Saw my studded purse? heeeeheeee

My #ootd with my newly bought bag :D

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