Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lunch with Joey @ Fat Spoon, Damansara Uptown

I met up with Joey in this cute cafe in Uptown Damansara one day after a long time :D 

Look at their menus! These are children Ladybird fabels!

They pasted their menus on the books in an old school way! So creative ! :D

Joey concentrating taking photos of the menus :P

Was told that their red velvet cake was nice. Tried this and I thought that it has a rich red velvet flavour :D Can try can try!

My spicy beef macaroni soup!!!

I think it tasted not bad! I love the combination of the minced beef and the soup!! Emptied everything by myself haha

Cappocino with fern leaf latte art!! :D

Spot the creative pots decorative on the ceiling? :D

A long blackboard with Grandma's Favourites :)


A closer us!


Joey :D

My OOTD :))

End this post with my funny expression!

Baiiibai!!! :D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Online Shopping Review :

Yay!! This is my very first time I bought something with quality and cheap from the internet!! :D I read about this online shopping website from some blogs but only really decide to try purchasing after my bestie Joey strongly recommend me about it.She and her friends bought lots of clothes and shoes from this website and I found out that the quality wise is good too. So coincidentally they offer this free postage for purchases exceeding RM48 I am so tempted to try out! 

Besides I found that Nile have this COD service which means customer on delivery where if you pay some money they will go straight to your door without you bearing the risk of losing your goods. So nice right? Nile have this lowest price guarantee too working in a way that you could get compensation of the difference if you found somewhere else selling the same item at  a lower price! Wuhhooo Daebakkkk XD

My parcel reach on the 4th working day!! So eggcited!! :D

Thanks to !!

Tadaa~~The rivet bag I bought from nile :D

Quality wise not bad! Spot the skull rivets heheeeee

Loving the details of my bag^^

Cant help I just can't stop to snap so many photos lol

The compartment is quite big :)) Saw my studded purse? heeeeheeee

My #ootd with my newly bought bag :D

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's CNY!!

Yay!! At last I have felt a bit if CNY mood lol Last few weeks I have been busying in my assignments. Can't believe that I am this busy this semester because I thought I would be so free having only two unimportant subjects. Turned out I managed to fill up all my free time teaching tuition. So lucky I found this job through online while my boyfie too found a super nice tuition job too after we braved ourselves sticking brochures outside our Secondary School. Busying myself with my feature article for my leadership magazine assignment,  while striving very hard to prepare materials for my tuition, I also have to study every week for my weekly quiz and weekly journal. I AM INSANELY SO PACKED!! LOL At last I get through this few weeks which I miraclely still can make out some time dating (lol), I have survived! (Yay!) The busiest semester I had haha and also my last semester (:
This is my last semester already as after this I would be graduating, in March.AHhh I had to start working on with my resume after CNY holidays already. My packed days would not end after holidays as I have 2 exams approaching in 2 weeks time>< And also my students ' exam to be prepared. Lol Ahh enough of my babbling now haha (;
I would want to study hard in my last semester for a better certificate. This is my last chance. I wanted to get myself  a good job. And I wish for health and wealth for my families and friends.

Love my family :D

Love my sunway gang :)

Love my best friend forever JOEY ^^

Love my dear biao mei so much too~~

Last but not least~~Grateful to have you boyfie :D