Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taiwan Trip Day 7 - 28/12/12 [台北市车站, 台北松江路]

This was our last day in Taiwan. We get to have a free day here around Taipei! Yay!! After asking our tour guide's advice, we took the train beside our hotel to the Taipei station, where we were told that there is the Taipei City Mall 台北地下街 :D The ground floor would be the Taipei Station while the underground would be the shopping area Taipei City Mall :D

This would be the Taipei station :D

The map.

I didnt take many pictures there because I was busy shopping lol There is one street where the shops have these super cheap promotion which are selling sweaters for rm15. I went insane and started shopping like crazy. The flats are rm15 for a pair and rm19 for 2

After the shopping we went back to the 台北松江路 Song Jiang street beside my hotel to have a walk and had our lunch^^ We stopped by a small hawker stall ^^

This is the intestine mee sua we ordered. Quite nice!! :D

This would be the 肉圆 Rou-yuan which is similar to Ba-wan. Rou-yuan's exterior is made of tapioca starch and is filled with mushrooms, thin shredded bamboo, and a meatball. It is eaten with a reddish sweet and sour sauce. Yummmyy We ordered two hahaa

The inside^^

After our lunch we bought some guavas and tomatoes back. haha Then later we ride our tour bus back to the airport and then tadaaaaaaa Malaysia^^

It was an exciting and memorable trip because it had been a long time I had a vacation with my family. Taiwan is a special place and I love it for her delicacies and shopping heaven^^ Not forgetting that their weather in Winter was so nice and refreshing. It was so hot when I touch down in KLCC. Miss their weather so much! :( So excited that I will be visiting Taiwan again in March with my friends again. Hohoho But this would be an free and easy trip and currently we are finding our own accommodation blabla Wish us good luck. 

p/s: Gonnaaa save money for my shopping spree there already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-End of my Taiwan Trip -

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