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Taiwan Trip Day 6 - 27/12/12 [星月360度旋转餐厅, 淡水老街, 西门町,忍者餐厅 ]

So excited when we were told that we have the chance to have our lunch at this tall rotating tower in Taiwan! Moonstar rotating tower 星月360度旋转餐厅  is situated in Taipei where we could enjoy Taipei city scenery while having our lunch. XD

Their name cards :D

While waiting for food up there :D

The floor we are on is moving 360 degrees slowly. We could enjoy our meal while looking at the nice magnificent scenery up there :)

Inside the tower :D

Me and my mum :D

The scenery up there :D

Our appetizer :D

Bread freshly baked from oven :P

Our main meal!! Grilled chicken fillet with salad :D

The picture looks small but the portion in reality is so big that I could not finish it. The chicken fillet was huge and yummeh!! :D

Complimentart Pumpkin Soup :)

So considerate they even have these maps to tell us what the buildings are :P

Me and my mum :D

Enjoying!! :D

-淡水老街 Danshui Old Street -

Our next stop was this Danshui Old Street which was famous for its 铁蛋~~

铁蛋~~  "Steel egg" are eggs that have been repeatedly stewed in a mix of spices and air-dried. The resulting eggs are dark brown, chewy and full of flavor compared to normal boiled eggs.

Saw this interesting 信不信由你搜奇博物館. Believe It Or Not Curiosity Museum!! But I didnt have the chance to get in><

Some weird ninja turtle outside the shop !

The turtle with ninja shell :D

象鼻猴面猪 A pig with its face looks like a monkey and its nose looks like an elephant's. lol

So creepy @@

Some freshly made sweet snacks! We bought some back :D

Beside the Danshui Old Street, it was the waterfront promenade where we had a walk there :D

So pretty :D

At night before dinner we went 西门町 Xi Men Ding Street!! :D

Our funny tour guide Ah Hua haha

Was told that Xi Men Ding is famous for its bitter gourd juice and this Ah Chung Flour Rice Noodle 阿宗面线 !!! :D

The line was so obviously long we found the shop 阿宗面线 without trying lol

阿宗面线 price :D

My Mee Suah 面线!!! This one was mixed with pork intestine but not oyster :) I love this sooo much!!! :D

You can have ur Mee Suah with some variety of sauce like chilli, garlic and vinegar :)

Vinegar is the best choice :D

Me!! :D #ootd

Some random shop 阿毛石锅燉饭 :D

This shop has a famous popular dog star~~ Whose name is 阿石! 

Tadaaaa this is 阿石!! It is helping them to guard their shop soooo cute :D

Awesome bitter gourd juice! A must try in Taiwan :D Tasted not bitter at alll!!!!

Later we had our dinner at this Ninja Theme Restaurant!!! 忍者餐厅!!

Cute decorations!!! :D

The waitress in ninja costume taught us how to stop the flowing water by saying "open sesame" altogether. haha

The bar :D

A fake ninja above us at the ceiling :D

There is one live singer there too ready to sing the songs we requested. :D


Our vege steamboat^^

Salad :)

Glutinous rice :D

Some fried fish parts :)

A real ninja knife with fried fish ^^

Some fried beef :)

Legal tube drinks. haha The waitress told us to cover the opening of the tubes with our thumbs and shake them before drinking. It tasted like some kind of soft drinks :D

A magician performing at our table :D Literally he squeeze our coins with his bare hands lol

Me with ninja girl ^^

-End of day 6-

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