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Taiwan Trip Day 5 - 26/12/12 [国立传统艺术中心, 平溪车站,九份, 伍角船板]

Day 5~~

After breakfast we headed to National Center for Traditional Arts 国立传统艺术中心 at Yilan.:D It is a big 24 hectare facility where they have organized displays and performances of culture and art, which also provides a stage where performing artists can show off their creative works. Its a quite memorable place to visit with the chance to understand all kinds of chinese culture. :)

Lovely buildings made of red bricks.

The tour guide told us that the scratches on this tree was resulted by the bites of beetles.

Chinese traditional street :)

Chinese Orchestra by school children! 

Traditional arts :D

Pretty scenery :)

Cute wooden lama chairs :D


Traditional chinese ink painting :D

This is a 雨 word, in english means rain.

Lunch Time~~~

While having our lunch we get to enjoy the traditional puppet show!

The puppet blowing the fire. Amazing!:D

One of the pretty puppets :D

After lunch we get to experience Taiwan's train ride from Pingxi Railway Station 平溪车站 to Ruifang Railway Station 瑞芳车站 :D

While waiting for the train, we had a walk nearby. :D Authentic traditional chinese street!!

Looked like those streets which appeared in the animations XP

A small street selling snacks :D

We spot this therefore bought some :D

Wasabi flavour!!

Garlic flavour!! :D Both tasted not bad!! :D

Sky Lanterns!!! Like those in 那些年 movie haha


People writing their wishes on the sky lanterns :D

The shop selling sky lanterns :D soooo prettyyyy><

Me!! hehee

Baii baiiii~~huhu


Cute souvenirs :D

- 九份老街 Jiu Fen -

We took a bus ride to Jiu Fen after the train ride from Ruifang Railway Station 瑞芳车站 :) 九份 Jiu Fen means nine portion in english. The tour guide told us that this place was named as Nine Portion because in the olden days this place is occupied by only 9 families. The people who lived here are quite closed therefore when one of the families left town for the city to buy some food, eventually he will buy for the rest of the residents in his small town too. In total he will buy 9 portions of food for the whole residents who stayed in his small town. As time goes by, whenever the people in the city saw one of the residents from this small town coming, they will know the person would buy 9 portions of the food therefore the seller would shout "Here comes the "Nine Portion" "/ "九份来了九份来了!" This is how the name of this small town comes from. But of course eventually there are more and more inhabitants here after it is well known :)

The old street in Jiu Fen :)

They grind the peanuts on the spot when u order this popiah like snacks which would be wrapped with ice cream. 

We stopped by this beef noodle shop to savour the traditional local beef noodle!! :D


Love the clear soup and the beef was super soft!! I love this!! :D

This taro ball shop was just beside therefore we gave it a try. Jiu Fen was famous with taro balls!

Our hot taro balls!! Super Q and cheap like those in Snow Flakes. If I am not wrong this was about RM4. :)

-Dinner @ 伍角船板 Five Dime Boathouse-

This was a super weird and special theme restaurant we went to for dinner. The five dime boathouse 伍角船板 is a place where it has these weird shaped unique architectural marvel with good home-cooking dishes. I love this place so much!!

See the ceiling the surrounding was full of weird shaped unique architectural woods and curves. So unique!!

We start off our meal with their specialties. This five dime boathouse 伍角船板 is famous for its mochi. This one was super soft with strong milk flavour. The tastiest mochi (glutinous rice with peanut flakes)I have tasted in my life!! 

So soft and its milky taste is heavenly!!!! :D

Tapioca rice :D The rice has this nice fragrant tapioca flavour.:)

Weird decorations :D

Unknown sculpture :D

Stairs with cute designs.

Some artworks.

This is the painting for the female toilet. haha I found this interesting :D

The whole place is awesome!!

Some boat on the pond at the first floor. :)

- Taipei 101 -

Taipei 101 is the second tallest building after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010 :D

Me with the LOVE sculpture by American artist Robert Indiana in front of Taipei 101.


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