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Taiwan Trip Day 4 - 25/12/12 [文武庙,日月潭,宜兰礁溪]

-Day 4-

my #OOTD

- 文武庙 Wen Wu Temple @ Nantou 南投-

We visited this Wen Wu Temple before the Sun Moon Lake :)

It is huge and magnificent temple! So pretty!

So pretty!! :D

The Sun Moon Lake stone monument just opposite the Wen Wu Temple :)

Me with Sun Moon Lake behind :D We are going for a boat ride at the lake later :)

Me with the Wen Wu Temple stone monument :D

Stalls in front of the temple!! Slurps!!

Omaigoddd thousands of sausages #exaggerated 

Lunch at some random shop nearby :D Heard that there is famous for president's fish 总统鱼 ( Aruzay fish) which is bred in the Sun Moon Lake extensively. It is known as the president's fish as the late president 蔣介石 Chiang Kai-shek tasted and love this fish while visiting the Sun Moon Lake. Unfortunately we do not have the chance to try it that time ><

#Not president fish haha

Overly coloured tofu ><

Onions LOL

Some radish herbal soup. :D


-日月潭 Sun Moon Lake -

Nice view! ^^

Us!! :D

Sun Moon Lake stone monument again :P

Boats!! :D

On the boat now!! :D Sun-sick ><

We stopped by Husan  Guan Piei 玄光寺码头 :D The scenery quite pretty but when we are there we are annoyed by the heat of the strong sunlight ><

The scenery there was breathtaking and pretty!!

Love the view of the Sun Moon Lake from the top :)

金盆阿婆香菇茶叶蛋 Mushroom tea leaves egg is a must try local specialties there!

This is certainly not that ah po><

This would be the founder hehe

Lots of people queuing up for their eggs :D

We get one each for ourselves :P

Mine!! Tasted soo yummy!! The mushroom tea leaves egg is richly flavoured with the fragrance of mushrooms! See how nice the darker colour on the outside of the egg looks :D Must try!!! :D

Dinner time!! :D We had our dinner at our hot spring hotel in Yilan Jiao Xi 宜兰礁溪 :D

I super love this dish- steamed glutinous rice :D

This one was good too! These are freshly baked swirl bread and we ate them dipped in sweet condensed milk! Awesomeee!! :D

After our dinner we went inside the hot spring area to have a look :D

Japanese style hot spring!!

All of us are not interested to bath in the hot spring therefore had a walk along the street in Yilan :D

Saw this special Japanese Restaurant where..

The customers get to soak their legs in the hot spring while having their meal!! So nicee!!!

Wana go there next time if I have the chance :P

In Yilan Jiao Xi, we saw hot spring hotels everywhere and the tour guide told us that Yilan is famous for their hot spring. Most of the hot spring in Yilan would be the Sodium Hydrogencarbonate Springs 碳酸氢钠泉 and bathing in it would be good for asthma patients :) Besides Yilan is famous for its spring onion known as 三星葱 as these spring onions are widely grown around the San Xing (三星乡). All types of local delicacies were sold there such as pancakes and biscuits with spring onions. We bought some biscuits with spring onion back too:)

That's all for today :D

-End of Day 4-

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