Sunday, January 6, 2013

Taiwan Trip Day 3 - 24/12/12 [ 佛光山,義大世界]

Day 3~


At Tsuo Ma Lai Farm before departing :)

-佛光山 Fo Kuang San-

The our guide told us that this if the coin we threw backwards hit the pole our wish will come through. Only one small kid managed to hit the pole haha

Later, we have a all fish meal!! :D

Yummy cold fish skin rich with collagen :)

Fried fish :D

Super soft fried fish :)

Super nice fish with yummy gravy :D

-義大世界 E-Da World-

E-Da is a Greek style theme park with pretty Greek elements and attractions !

See so pretty!! Greek style buildings! :D

Hercules?? So nice!!

Trojan House!!

Santa Claus dancing oppa gangnam style :)

Christmas Tree bubble!! :D

We didn't play much in this theme park because most of the rides are a bit too extreme for us. haha We walked around for a few hour only then headed for lunch ady :)

Our lunch at the hawker centre!! The portion quite big for hawker centre and then the price quite reasonable too.

Mummy's lunch! Ramen soup with fried chicken fillet :P

At night we celebrated Christmas Eve hohohoho


We are given a balloon each and were asked to tie our wishes on it. :D

Then we are allowed to release them to the sky!! So pretty!!!

-End of day 3-

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