Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee @ Kepong

Before class boyfie brought me to my favourite Pan Mee shop at Kepong for lunch heheee :D I love Pan Mee soo much to the inner core of my heart. Uahhhh I can eat Pan Mee few days in a roll if I have the chance :D

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee is just near Carefour and it is near to Murni if you know where it is. Easy to find :D

It was famous for its Chilli Pan Mee and I order this everytime I am here LOL No way to miss this for spicy food lover!! Must try!!

The place was quite clean and often is packed but because it is a weekday it was not crowded :D

Their menu!! Their first page would be their recommended Dry Chili Pan Mee!! :D

My boyfie <3

Here comes my dry Pan Mee!! Wuhooo :D 

Love the combination with the fried onion flakes, fried anchovies and loads of minced meat!!! :D

Not to forget the poached egg!!!! Superb!!! Often wandering how can they manage the exact time of egg frying to get this poached egg><

My boyfie's pan mee soup!!!

With the same ingredients, their soup tasted not bad too!!

Yummsssssssss :D

Tada~~~ This would be the most important process before eating pan mee. This would be their best chilli flakes!!!

This is super spicy and everytime I went there for sure I will add 2 to 3 spoonful of this awesome spicy chilli flakes to my Pan Mee!!!

After stirring it turns into yellow SPICY colour!! :D

Yummss!! I love this far better than Face to Face Pan Mee as their chilli flakes do not melt and combine with their pan mee. Whereas the chili flakes in Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee melt and mix with the mee perfectly.The pan mee absorb the spiciness of the chilli flakes makes it so flavourful and yummy!!!!

Must Try!!! :D


*JacQueliNe* said...

Tried this before!! TASTY~

Camy Lau said...

OMG. seems so tasty!