Sunday, January 27, 2013

2nd trip to Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant Dak Galbi @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Yay!! I proposed this for dinner after watching Les Miserable at One Utama! Hohoho
 Speaking of Les Miserable I like it quite a lot. I like the passionate singing touching scene and everything. It was meant to depress the audience us and it succeeded in making me crying non stop till the end of the movie. The movie ended too fast that I have not had enough time to wipe off my tears =__= I look stupid.=__= Back to Uncle Jang now!! :D

As usual, we have these complimentary pickled onions and kimchi!! :D I am an onion lover especially theirs :D

With refillable fresh lettuce :D


A bit pissed when we waited for so long even after we are seated. During peak time the crowd was so big and there were only limited waiters. The waiters are busy frying dak galbi for the other customers. 

Kauze's big head big face :D

As my bf could not bear their spiciness we ordered two original ones for our pan. Only to know that the original is already spicy. They do not serve mere original dak galbi without chili hahaa

The people there helping us to fry :D

Me and my bestie Joey :D

The thinker ROSE.

Guofa who is leaving soon for Australia. Went there few weeks ago already when I am blogging this haha

ROSE & Joey :D

Added my favourite korean ramen!! Syokkk!!

See it looks so heavenly!!

Dak Galbi !!! As usual, they stir fried the marinated chicken with chili pepper paste, dobokki, cabbage and sweet potato!!!!

Tadaaa!! Ready to be eaten!!! Hohooo I love it as usual hehee but prefer it spicier taste lol Should try it with fried rice next time. I wonder how would the combination be like :)


Group Photo~^^


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