Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee @ Kepong

Before class boyfie brought me to my favourite Pan Mee shop at Kepong for lunch heheee :D I love Pan Mee soo much to the inner core of my heart. Uahhhh I can eat Pan Mee few days in a roll if I have the chance :D

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee is just near Carefour and it is near to Murni if you know where it is. Easy to find :D

It was famous for its Chilli Pan Mee and I order this everytime I am here LOL No way to miss this for spicy food lover!! Must try!!

The place was quite clean and often is packed but because it is a weekday it was not crowded :D

Their menu!! Their first page would be their recommended Dry Chili Pan Mee!! :D

My boyfie <3

Here comes my dry Pan Mee!! Wuhooo :D 

Love the combination with the fried onion flakes, fried anchovies and loads of minced meat!!! :D

Not to forget the poached egg!!!! Superb!!! Often wandering how can they manage the exact time of egg frying to get this poached egg><

My boyfie's pan mee soup!!!

With the same ingredients, their soup tasted not bad too!!

Yummsssssssss :D

Tada~~~ This would be the most important process before eating pan mee. This would be their best chilli flakes!!!

This is super spicy and everytime I went there for sure I will add 2 to 3 spoonful of this awesome spicy chilli flakes to my Pan Mee!!!

After stirring it turns into yellow SPICY colour!! :D

Yummss!! I love this far better than Face to Face Pan Mee as their chilli flakes do not melt and combine with their pan mee. Whereas the chili flakes in Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee melt and mix with the mee perfectly.The pan mee absorb the spiciness of the chilli flakes makes it so flavourful and yummy!!!!

Must Try!!! :D

Monday, January 28, 2013

Beef Noodle @ Kedai Kopi Sri Edaran, Kepong

My friend Jariel told me about this famous beef noodle shop in Kepong made me so excited and immediately I planned this food trip with my boyfie. As far as I know the nicest beef noodle is Shin Kee Beef Noodles at China Town ( Post here : ) That one they have a clearer broth while this one I had in Kepong has a darker broth. To me this one is quite nice but still could not compete with the Chinatown's.haha

Tadaaa My beef noodle in dark soup!! This stall was quite special because they serve their beef noodle with wantan mee. Superlicious :D

I love the soup because the broth was quite thick flavoured :D I finished all the soup lol

Personally think that they are wayyy too generous as my bowl was full of well stewed beef pieces and innards. The spare parts are so yummy!!!

My boyfie's dry wantan mee beef noodle!!

They also gave hima generous amount of beef and innards. He havent try beef innards before and he said that he love this :D No weird smell :))

I da pao for my brother back and was able to take photos of them using my DSLR at last ! Quite a big portion for one right? Yumms!!

Generous amount of beef innards!!!

 This shop was situated at Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 6, near Restoran Super Kitchen Pan Mee. If you came form Kepong where the Metro Prima Jusco is on ur right, drive straight till the intersection you turn left for Super Kitchen Pan Mee which would be your right after the turning. However do not turn right but turn left at the first intersection and then you would clearly see this Kedai Kopi Sri Edaran in front of you, just at the corner of the street :)

Snooker after lunch hohoho :D 


Sunday, January 27, 2013

2nd trip to Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant Dak Galbi @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Yay!! I proposed this for dinner after watching Les Miserable at One Utama! Hohoho
 Speaking of Les Miserable I like it quite a lot. I like the passionate singing touching scene and everything. It was meant to depress the audience us and it succeeded in making me crying non stop till the end of the movie. The movie ended too fast that I have not had enough time to wipe off my tears =__= I look stupid.=__= Back to Uncle Jang now!! :D

As usual, we have these complimentary pickled onions and kimchi!! :D I am an onion lover especially theirs :D

With refillable fresh lettuce :D


A bit pissed when we waited for so long even after we are seated. During peak time the crowd was so big and there were only limited waiters. The waiters are busy frying dak galbi for the other customers. 

Kauze's big head big face :D

As my bf could not bear their spiciness we ordered two original ones for our pan. Only to know that the original is already spicy. They do not serve mere original dak galbi without chili hahaa

The people there helping us to fry :D

Me and my bestie Joey :D

The thinker ROSE.

Guofa who is leaving soon for Australia. Went there few weeks ago already when I am blogging this haha

ROSE & Joey :D

Added my favourite korean ramen!! Syokkk!!

See it looks so heavenly!!

Dak Galbi !!! As usual, they stir fried the marinated chicken with chili pepper paste, dobokki, cabbage and sweet potato!!!!

Tadaaa!! Ready to be eaten!!! Hohooo I love it as usual hehee but prefer it spicier taste lol Should try it with fried rice next time. I wonder how would the combination be like :)


Group Photo~^^