Monday, December 24, 2012

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant Dak Galbi @ Solaris Mont Kiara

My boyfie brought me to Uncle Jang after work!! Yayyy!!! I superrr love dak galbi in this restaurant ^^

Their menu :) We ordered one spicy and one normal ones as suggested by the bloggers :D

My superman boyfie!!!  :D

The hot plate they used to fry dak galbi ^^

Dak Galbi !!! They stir fried the marinated chicken with chili pepper paste, dobokki, cabbage and sweet potato! The waiter there will help you to fry but you can opt to fry yourself :)


the frying process going on and on

almost done :D

it smells so gooodd!!! and spicyyy!!!Luckily we ordered one spicy one normal onesss. The hot spicy one must be unbearable ><

Atlast they add in ramennn hohoho I love ramennnnn <3


Free side dishes. Fresh lettuce, onions, kimchi and some sauce :D

I love their onions!!!

It is ready to be served already!!!!!!!!

It is superrr spiccyyyyy and yummyyy!!! I love the sauce with ramen and chicken and dobokki and sweet potato :)) The combination is super!! :D

The colour is so niceeeee!! 

We finished everything !!!

Yummmyy kimchiiii

I will visit here again!!!!!

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