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Taiwan Trip Day 2 - 23/12/12 [彰化台湾玻璃馆, 九曲巷,鹿港天后宫,台埔茶葉埔里店,走马濑农场]

My second day in Taiwan! ^^


 Our first stop would be the Taiwan Glass Gallery in Zhang Hua (彰化台湾玻璃馆) :)

Quite pretty they have all those lightings on their glass made items

My parents with 月下老人 :)

Spot something incredible! 

All these small ants are made from glass!! 

Me and my parents ^^

Our next stop - Nine Turns Lane (九曲巷) 

Nine turns lane is a small lane with nine turns.Ah of course =.=

Its a pretty traditional old street :)

some authentic house plate :)

- Tien Hou Temple at Lu Gang (鹿港天后宫)-

We were led to walk into a street at Lu Gang to reach the temple which is situated at the half way of the street as we could not get in by bus. The street was occupied by lots of stalls selling food and snacks, forming some sort of a morning market in the street.

Tadaaa the enormous Tien Hou Temple~


They are having some kind of ceremony there~

After that we went to have our lunch outside the temple, oyster mee suah is Lu Gang specialties!!

Lots of oyster mee suah shop can be seen around the street and all of those restaurants are sooo pack!

At last we chose this! Heheee

The oyster egg with sweet sauce. It tasted ok ok only because its a little bit too sweet and some more their oysters are wrapped with a layer a flour on the outside to make it smoothier. I prefer oysters without flour lol

Oyster soup also with floor 

The oyster quite big I think but then I still dont like it with floor haha

Carrot cake! This is yummeh!! But I love eating it with the chilli sauce but not with the sweet sauce they gave haha Malaysians love spicy food more I think. XP

Oyster Beehun!! I love their clear hot soup especially at that cold weather! :D

Me and my mum :)

My papa and bro :)

Later we went for a walk at the street! :D

Found this super huge octopus arms!! Wuhooo!!

We bought one packet!!!

Tasted not bad but too difficult to munch coz its too elastic lol

Saw this shop therefore stopped by to taste their mee suah ^^ only rm 2.50 per bowl haha

Tasted not bad with vinegar hohoo I think it could taste better with their chilli oil.

Their meatballs. One thing about Taiwan meatballs is that they are a bit tasteless. hahaa

Their small place for us to have our mee suah and meatballs :)

The meatball stall :)

Pretty baby tomatoes!!! Of course my parents bought some haha

Looks yummy!!!><


Our next stop would be this Tai Pu Tea Factory at Nan Tou (南投)

Here we get to pluck some tea leaves!! hehe

Look so funny wearing the tea plucking caps haha


Us ^^

We were then asked to wash our hands in these warm tea leaves. 

So comfy to put our hands in the tea leaves in the cold weather. :)

Introducing their tea leaves :)

Yummy tea biscuits! I like this!! :D

Our unique combination of tea cups!

When we pull out the long tea cups the tea flows out to the fat cup and we are asked to put the long tea cup near our nose to smell the fragrance of the tea :)

-走马濑农场 Tsou Ma Lai Farm -

Our last stop of the day would be this Tsou Ma Lai Farm :D

Yay! Get to hav a boat ride!! :D

Played golf there too haha

And at last dinner time!!! We had our dinner in the Tsou Ma Lai hotel! :D

Milk fish!! Taiwan is famous for its milk fish. The red smoked 虱目魚肚 has a quite unique taste :)

At night we made muachi, glutinous rice flour!!

-karaoke time!!!!!-

Yummeeeh!! It is freshly steamed therefore super soft and fresh!! Yummehh I ate a lot haha

First time listening to my papa singing hahaaa After karaoke we went back to our hotel :))

-Second Day End-

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