Friday, December 21, 2012

Lunch @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, Kota Damansara

Brought my cousins out to Kota Damansara for Korean food! :)

Yayyy!! Went Daorae with my cousins and boyfiee!! :D Love korean food to the max><

BBQ  is a must order item in korean restaurant :D My favourite :P

We had pork and chicken :D

With lots of refillable small dishes :P


Their bbq damn nice. Most of the time we ate it in a traditional way by wrapping the meat with onion rings and garlic in lettuce :D I love the my combination with some kimchi too :P

Yummyyyy spicy cockles 

Kimchiiii <3

My cousin and me :D

My lenglui cousin sister :P

us (frm jia's hp)

jiajia and my brother :)

cousin brother :)

my boyfieeee :D

my brother :D

Kimchi soup with ramen and dobokki :D This one was so nice because the soup was very thick and spicy sourish! Love this with the ramen. They have some pork in it too :D

Finished in few minutes lol

me and my boyfie ^^


I am shorter than my cousin ==

My current hp wallpaper :P

Me and my cousins and my brother :D

Group photo! Come back visit us again :D


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Valerie said...

Love you love you! Miss you guys so so much! );