Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to my SUPAMAN BOYFIE :D @ Bel Pasto Pizza Italian Restaurant, Desa Aman Puri

 Hi peeps!! Just came back from Taiwan trip. Caught a flu and had terrible cough and headache now>< Aiks I had airplane and bus headache and these really made my mood off>< Have this headache till now and I could not tell whether it is an ongoing airplane headache or a symptom of fever /.\
Anyway tadaa I celebrated my boyfie's brithday last week few days after his birthday because I was busy with my exams.>< Right after my exams we celebrated his birthday at Bel Pasto! Hoohoo 

Tadaaa~~Guess what is this heeheeee :D My homemade birthday cake!!! :D  #bueypaiseh hahaha

We ordered one set lunch only for both of us because boyfie insisted to eat my homemade cake as lunch even though I warned him beforehand ><


My lunch set started with smooth pumpkin soup :)

Tadaa~~ My favourite choice would always be Spaghetti Aglio Olio :D

This one was quite special and yummy because the spaghetti aglio olio from the other restaurant is normally served dry but this came with loads of garlic and gravy. I love it so much :D

My happy boyfie :D

Its time to blow his birthday cake!!!:D

Tadaaa!! Homemade chocolate fudge birthday cake for boyfie!! #bueypaiseh hahaha I know it looks ugly><

Okay it looks really unappetizing =_____= #myfirsttime

Heheee but my boyfie looks happy teheee :D ^3^ #mission accomplished


Tasted not bad lorrrr :P He finished the whole cake ^^ Happy :D

And present time!!! :D

See he so happy hahahaha :D everything was worth it^^

We lived happily ever after :D hahaa

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