Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Durian Feast :P

Xiao yi and her whole family visited us few weeks ago, while jiajia and zejin tagged along :D And since its durian season we asked them to bring back some home grown durians too!! :D YUMMM I love durians :D

At night we started to open the durians, in the living room hahaaa my whole house started to smell like a durian dusun haha

the duriansss :D

My mum and xiao yi :)

xiao yi zhang :)

faking* i know how to open one laaa

*epic face hahahaa

superlicioussss :D

everyone was so busy except me and jiajia hahaha

this is heaven ><

my grandparent's home grown rambutansss :D

need 2 person 1 holding one stretching haha

misss my cousin jiaa ><

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